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Here’s what happens if you owe us money:

  • We’ll talk to you
    Our first step will be to talk to you. We’ll write or call to ask you to pay us what you owe. We’re sympathetic and helpful - we may be able to agree a plan for you to pay us back in instalments.
  • We’ll set off
    If, after we’ve spoken to you or tried to contact you several times, you haven’t paid us what you owe, we might use our ‘right to set off’. This means that if you have other accounts with us, we can take money from those to pay your debt.

If you’re overdrawn, or you have a mortgage with us and you’re struggling with your finances, talk to us. The sooner you tell us, the better because it’s likely we can help you by working out a repayment plan to suit you.

If you owe money to others…

  • Get help
    A money advisor can help you work out a budget and plan your finances so you can pay back what you owe. Having unpaid debts can damage your credit score and make it more difficult for you to get credit in future.

    The sooner you speak to the people or organisations you owe money to, the better. Don’t get stuck in the downward spiral of debt – get help now and you’ll be on the way to getting back on track.