Using your cash card

Some of our accounts have a cash card which you can use at cash machines in the UK and abroad.

Can I have a cash card?

If you have an account that offers a cash card, and you haven’t already asked for one, just give us a call on 0800 121 8899, or come into a branch. If you asked for a card when you applied for the account, you’ll get it in the post a few days after we open your account. When it arrives check the name is correct and sign your card on the back. You’ll need to be 16 or over to have a cash card. (Children with an Intro account can have a card from age 11.)

We’ll also send you a PIN (Personal Identification Number) in a separate envelope. If you have a joint account and both of you have a cash card, your cards and PINs will all arrive separately in the post. You can change your PIN at any Coventry cash or LINK machine. 

You can use your card to:

Take money out at a cash machine showing the Visa, LINK or PLUS symbols.

You can get cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't charge you to get money out of a Coventry cash machine, but other organisations might charge you to use their machines. You can visit LINK Cash Locator or download the LINK Cash Locator App to find your nearest ‘free-to-use’ ATM. You simply enter your postcode and filter your results to display ‘Only free to use’.

Check your balance at any cash machine showing the Visa, LINK or PLUS symbols.

Print a mini-statement at any Coventry cash machine.

Our card withdrawal limits

The current limits are:


At a cash machine

  • Maximum £500 per day (in no more than 5 separate withdrawals)
  • At a Coventry cash machine, the minimum withdrawal is £10
  • If you have an Intro account, the maximum per day is £100 in up to five transactions

Cash over the counter at any Coventry branch

  • Maximum £500 per day, per account, without notice
  • With 48 hours’ notice, the maximum is £4,000 per day, per person

Take care of your card

Please don’t share your PIN with anyone. If your card is lost or stolen, or someone else might know your PIN, call us straight away on 0800 121 8899.  If you don’t tell us, you could be liable for all transactions on your account.

Using your card abroad

Using your card abroad

You can use your Coventry cash card to get cash from a machine anywhere in the world displaying the Visa or PLUS symbols. 

Tell us before you go

If you want to use your card abroad, contact us no more than two weeks before you go with the details of where you’re going and the dates you’re away.

If you don’t tell us you’re abroad, your card won’t work when you’re away. This is one of our fraud prevention measures.

You can:

Ask us at any branch

Call us on 0800 121 8899

Log into Online Services, if you’re registered, and send us a secure message with details of your trip

If you forget to contact us before you leave the UK, call us on +44 2476 555 255 (this number’s on the back of your card) during our normal UK working hours and we’ll sort it out for you as fast as we can.

These are our charges for using your card abroad

Charge for making withdrawals from Visa or PLUS cash machines abroad

2% of sterling transaction value    

We convert the amount of the withdrawal to pounds sterling on the date we take it out of your account at the wholesale rate of exchange applied by Visa. We then charge 2% of the sterling transaction value.


We normally deduct this charge from your account within 14 Business Banking Days of you making the withdrawal        

We don’t charge an extra cash fee for using a Visa or PLUS cash machine abroad.

There's no charge for using your card when you're away if you’re in an area that uses pounds sterling, for example the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

You can find out today's Visa exchange rate here at the Visa website; Visa exchange rate calculator.

Currency conversion when making cash withdrawals abroad

Whilst you’re abroad, some cash machines might offer you the option of choosing whether you want to complete the transaction in the local currency or in pounds sterling.  You will receive cash in local currency, regardless of the option you choose.

If you choose to complete the transaction in pounds sterling,  your account will be debited using the exchange rate offered by the cash machine operator and not the exchange rate set by Visa.  This is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

It may or may not be cheaper. However, they can choose any exchange rate and they might also charge a commission.

If you don’t want to pay by DCC and you're using a cash machine, read the screen carefully to make sure it hasn’t got DCC selected by default. If it has, you should be able to de-select it.

Example withdrawing €100 using your cash card

Cash withdrawal from Visa or PLUS cash machine abroad


Visa wholesale exchange rate €1 = £0.854129* 
Converted to pounds sterling  £85.41
2% of the sterling value of the transaction £1.71
Amount shown on your statement £87.12

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Our help section is bursting with useful information. If you'd rather chat, just give us a call.


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