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Maintenance updates 
We’re giving our system a bit of a checkup on 20 July from 11.30pm. While we do that, our Online Services, password set-up service and savings account opening won’t be available.

It’ll probably take a few hours - thanks for being patient. We’ll get things up and running as quickly as we can.

Your matured ISA savings will continue to be tax-free as long as you keep them in an ISA 

This can be either the new fixed rate ISA we offer you or another ISA you may transfer the funds into.

If you withdraw some or all of your maturing savings to an account which isn’t an ISA, the money you withdraw will lose its tax-free status.

The interest earned on your maturing ISA doesn’t count towards your current ISA allowance.

If you do nothing, we’ll automatically re-invest your savings for you

We'll re-invest all your maturing ISA savings into the re-investment ISA we're offering you.

If you want to do anything other than re-invest your entire balance, including adding additional savings when this is available, you need to fill in and return a Maturity Instruction Form. All the details are in the letter and leaflet we’ll send you.

If you prefer, one of our specialists can help you fill in the form – just come into any branch or call us.

You might be able to ‘top up’ your new fixed rate ISA

This depends on what we offer you at maturity. We might allow you to top up your ISA with your current annual ISA allowance. The amount you can pay in depends on any money you’ve already paid into any ISAs in the same tax year. Remember, you can only pay into one cash ISA in each tax year. 

When we send your re-investment options, we will let you know if your re-investment fixed rate ISA allows top-ups.

Before you pay into a re-investment fixed rate ISA, please make sure it’s ‘active’ (see below). If it’s ‘inactive’ and you make a payment in, we have to return the payment to you.

We won’t usually allow you to transfer previous years’ ISA savings into a re-investment ISA.

Paying in

If you don’t pay into an ISA in a tax year, it becomes ‘inactive’

If you paid into your maturing ISA in the previous tax year and you want to pay into it this tax year:
That’s fine - your ISA is ‘active’ and you don’t need to do anything more.

If you didn’t pay into your maturing ISA in the previous tax year and you want to pay into it this tax year: 
You need to re-register it. This is a requirement of HM Revenue & Customs. It’s easy to re-register the ISA – just fill in the ISA re-activation form we’ll post you. Bring your completed form into any branch or return it in the reply-paid envelope (with the Maturity Instructions Form). You can also re-register your ISA by calling us - make sure you have your security details to hand.

If you’re re-investing with us and you don’t want to pay into it this tax year:
You don’t need to do anything. Your ISA savings will continue to earn tax-free interest

At maturity, you can withdraw all or some of your savings

You can do this at maturity or, if you choose to re-invest some of your ISA savings with us, we’ll let you know when you can withdraw until. After this date, closing the account will be your only option and is usually subject to a charge. For full details, see the letter and leaflet we’ll send you before your fixed rate ISA matures.

You can transfer savings from your fixed rate ISA to a different ISA 

Depending on the terms of the ISA you transfer into, you can transfer some or all of your funds to a different ISA (cash, stocks and shares, or innovative finance) with us or another provider. Currently, we only offer cash ISAs.

To make sure your savings don’t lose their tax-free status, you’ll need to contact the new provider to  ask for an ‘ISA transfer’. They’ll arrange the transfer for you. To complete an ISA transfer without charge, we must receive transfer instructions from your new provider within 21 days of maturity. After this time, a transfer is usually subject to a charge and closure only (see the Specific Terms for your new fixed rate ISA).

You can transfer savings from your fixed rate ISA to a non-ISA 

You can withdraw some or all of your ISA savings to an account which isn’t an ISA, with the Coventry or another bank/building society.

However, if you do this, the money you withdraw loses its tax-free status and, depending on the terms of the account, you may also lose some interest, and/or be charged a fee.

We’ll write to you before your re-investment ISA matures

We’ll write to you at least 14 calendar days before your re-investment ISA matures with details of your re-investment options.

At maturity, unless you’ve instructed us otherwise, your savings in the re-investment ISA will be automatically re-invested into another ISA. You’ll have the option to withdraw some or all of your savings without charge in the 21 calendar days after the maturity date.

Read more about the other ISAs we’re currently offering: Cash ISAs

If you have any other questions about ISAs, ask us at any branch or call us on 0800 121 8899. Alternatively, if you use Online Services, you can log in and send us a secure message.