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Working to end youth homelessness for good

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It all starts with home

At Coventry Building Society, we’re here to support people to be better off through life. So we strongly believe everyone should have somewhere to call home – a place of safety, comfort and security where they can grow and thrive. That’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with Centrepoint, the UK’s leading charity for young people facing homelessness.

Here’s how the money will make a difference

Through our partnership, we’re aiming to donate one million pounds a year, for the next two years, to help reach more of those who need Centrepoint’s support. 
Young person receiving advice from Centrepoint employee

National Helpline

We’ll be funding Centrepoint’s national Helpline, a crucial service which helps young people throughout the UK access advice and housing.
Centrepoint - photo of a young person receiving advice

Coventry Youth Hub

Together, we’re also opening the Coventry Youth Hub with local charity St Basils. The Hub is a safe place for young people in crisis to go and receive a range of support for their needs, helping them build their confidence and independence.
Centrepoint - photo of a young person receiving advice

Centrepoint Works

Then we’re supporting Centrepoint Works, which gives young people access to training, education or work, so they can realise their potential.
Centrepoint - photo of a young person receiving advice

Homelessness Prevention

We’re helping to fund Centrepoint’s new Prevention Programme, which will work with schools to identify young people at risk of homelessness so intervention strategies can be put in place.

Centrepoint has a bold mission; they believe that no child born today should face the trauma of becoming homeless when they’re older. When young people have a place to call home that security allows them to focus on the rest of their life. From better physical and mental health to relationships and a career - a safe home is the foundation from which life grows.


For more information about the work that Centrepoint do, visit their website.


We know that kindness and community can make the world of difference. Together, we’ll help brilliant young people reach their potential.


All together, better