Charities and communities

And kind

Kindness changes lives

We’re passionate about making a real difference to the lives of people in and around Coventry. That’s why we work with partners right in the heart of our local communities.
Psotive Youth Foundation

Helping young people succeed

We’ve teamed up with the Positive Youth Foundation, which empowers young people who suffer from inequalities in our home city to boost their life chances. 
Citizens advice

A place to call home

The pandemic has made things even harder for people struggling to keep a roof over their heads. This year we’re giving extra support to Coventry Citizens Advice so they can take on more debt advisors.
And kind

There for the isolated and vulnerable

Our branches are part of the ‘Connecting for Good’ programme, run by the charity Grapevine. We want to make sure nobody in Coventry needs to feel lonely or isolated. 
And kind

Our corporate charity

We've donated over £19 million to the Royal British Legion. This year, our donation will be focused on providing financial assistance to help members of the Armed Forces community find suitable and sustainable employment when they end in their service.
And kind

Our Charitable Foundation

If you're a charity based in Coventry and Warwickshire visit the Heart of England Foundation to see if you could qualify for one of our grants.