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Charities and communities

Your communities – unite us all

Life is richer in every way because of the communities we’re privileged to be a part of. And we’re committed to helping make life better for people. That’s why we’re working closely with Centrepoint to end youth homelessness for good and are on track to donate £1 million pounds this year. But that’s just one of the differences we’re making. Thanks to your support, we’ve helped our communities in lots of ways including:

Branch foodbanks

We believe no family should go hungry. Each of our 64 branches have received £1,000 to donate to their chosen foodbank to enable them to support their local communities.


Positive Youth Foundation

You've helped us donate £47,040.00 in 2023. This has gone towards helping more than 300 young people who've attended The Positive Youth Foundation (PYF) Youth Clubs. We've provided over 2000 meals to young people and their families and on average more than 50 young people have attended each session.



Act on energy

For a second year we've supported Act on Energy and have donated £110,000 in 2023. So far, our partnership has supported a total of 420 people, of which 364 (87%) received help with their current energy bills. 46 people had their energy debts reduced/cleared and 10 benefitted from replacement heating installations.

Support in our communties
We've given over £300,000 in 2023 alone to help build better futures across our communities. This includes funding:
  • holiday activities for children with special educational needs
  • literacy and numeracy support for our six partner primary schools
  • cultural capital aspirations and improving employability for three partner secondary schools.
We've also given over £700,000 to help build better foundations in our communities. This includes working with the Central England Law Centre on their Positive Action on Poverty programme and providing funding for their homelessness prevention project. We've also collaborated with Coventry Citizens Advice to create a new debt advice academy to recruit and train two new debt advisers.
Every donation makes a huge difference, and it's only possible because of you. Thank you.