Green Together Reward

Improving your property's energy efficiency

Green mortgage reward

What is Green Together Reward?

If you're thinking of making energy-efficient changes to your property, such as installing solar panels, upgrading to a heat pump or improving your insulation, then we may be able to help you.


There are over 20 efficiency improvements you can choose from which could improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, reduce your energy bills and help the planet.


If you've applied for a mortgage, or made changes to your mortgage after 28 September 2021, and you've spent at least £2,500 on eligible changes with a TrustMark Registered Business, then you may be able to apply for our Reward payment of £500.

What's an EPC rating?

An EPC rating tells you how energy efficient your property is, from an A (very efficient) to a G (inefficient). It will also provide you with information on where you can improve and estimates what savings you’ll make once you’ve made the changes.

You can use the Government EPC checker to find your existing EPC. 

Applications are now closed

Our Green Together Reward scheme has now closed and you can no longer submit an application. If you've already submitted an application you can still make a qualifying claim until 26 May 2024. 


How to claim


  • Complete your energy efficient home improvements using a TrustMark Registered Business   
  • Provide your Installer’s licence number on the claim form
  • Complete the claim form by 26 May 2024

We’ll validate the claim with TrustMark and pay £500 directly into the account you set up with us to make your mortgage payments. If you haven’t set up a Direct Debit for your mortgage payments, you’ll need to give us a call on 0800 121 8899 and let us know where we should send your £500 Reward. The following energy-efficiency improvements are acceptable.

Eligible works 

You can choose up to six energy-efficiency improvements from the following list. You'll need to spend at least £2,500 but there's no maximum spend, and the work must be carried out by a TrustMark Registered Business.

Temperature control

Time and temperature zone control (for radiator systems or underfloor heating)

Additional thermostatic controls, warm air systems

Thermostatic radiator valves



Solid wall

Flat roofing

Room in roof


Cavity wall

Fill part wall

Suspended wooden floor

Solid floor

Loft insulation top-up

Renewable energy

Solar panels

Solar hot water system

Biomass boiler (wood pellets)

Wind turbine installation

Heat pumps

Air source

Ground source

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery


Doors and windows

A-rated double or triple glazing (where replacing single glazing)

Secondary glazing (in addition to single glazing)

Draught-proofed windows

New insulated uPVC external doors (where replacing doors installed before 2002)

Draught-proofed external doors


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