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Thank You

1918 - 2018

We joined The Royal British Legion to mark 100 years since the end of The First World War. A century on, we found a way to bring them home, and said Thank You to those who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

Imagine never coming home.

It’s at the heart of everything, isn’t it? There’s no place like it. Our home is in Coventry and during The First World War, over 1,200 men from Coventry died protecting the city for future generations. Protecting their home. Our home. Us.

In the city where we founded our building society to help people buy their own houses, many of Coventry’s dads, brothers, sons and husbands never got to grow old in theirs. They died before they could ever step back over the threshold to a ‘welcome home’ and the feel of their loved ones arms around them. 100 years later, we said Thank You to them for our homes, our safety and our city.
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Your support meant a lot


We're so grateful that you helped us to make sure that not one single precious life lost was forgotten. We're extremely touched to let you know that on The Royal British Legion’s dedicated website for their Thank You movement, every person who died in The First World War across the Commonwealth was remembered with a message. 

What a beautiful tribute. We said Thank You to every single one, and brought them home in our hearts.

We’re saying Thank You to every single Serviceman who died defending our freedom in The First World War and never came home to Coventry.

Private Frederick Cecil Abel

Pioneer Sidney Arthur Abel

Private J Adams 

Second Lieutenant Frederick Adams

Gunner Charles Ernest Adams

Private John Adams

Serjeant Charles Addison

Private Charles Adkins

Driver George Henry Adkins

Private C E Adkins

Private Herbert Albrow

Private Caleb Aldridge 

Private Charles Algar

Lance Corporal Arthur Victor Allcoat

Private R Allen

Private Arthur Allett

Private Bertie Walwyn Allibone

Private William Anstey

Private Richard Armitage

Private Herbert Edward Arnold

Private S Ash

Private Samuel George Ashfield

Private Alfred Josiah Ashmall

Private H Ashton

Private Wilfred Robert Askew

Gunner Albert Asquith

Private William Nathan Astill

Private William T. Aston

Gunner Frank Aston

Lance Corporal Walter Athersuch

2nd Corporal Johnson Atkin

Private William Joseph Atkins 

Gunner Walter William Atkins 

Lance Corporal H S Atkins 

Private Reginald George Atkins

Private Lewis William Henry Atkins

Corporal Arthur Shoobridge Atkins

Private Alick Atkins

Private Alfred George Attwood

Private Raymond Frederick John Averns

Private N R Averns

Corporal John Frederick Thomas Aves

Lance Corporal George William Ayres

Private G C Bacon 

Mechanician William Josiah Badger

Private Alfred Charles Baker

Corporal Joseph Baldock

Private Arthur Ball

Private Thomas John Ballard

Captain Edward Nugent Bankes

Lance Corporal Joseph Newton Barber

Lieutenant Kenneth Purnell Barford

Private Thomas Henry Barker

Pioneer L Barker

Private A V Barnacle

Driver Charles Barnacle

Gunner Richard Barnes

Serjeant Harvey Barnes

Private Stephen Barnett

Private H Barnett 

Sapper William Joseph Barnett

Private John Barnwell

Rifleman Joseph Barr

Private F Barrett

Private Kenneth Barry

Private Albert Bartlett

Private J Bartlett 

Private William Arthur Bartlett

Lance Corporal John Charles Bartlett

Lance Corporal H J Barton

Private Arthur James Baseley

Private T H Bates

Private William Henry Bates

Corporal Thomas Healy Bates

Serjeant Oliver Bates

Private F Bates

Private Harold Bates

Shoeing Smith A T Bates

Private Charles Ernest Bates

Private Henry Baughan

Private Norman Samuel Bausor

Gunner A Baxter

Private A W Bayliss

Private W C Beacham

Private Ernest Beal

Gunner Archibald George Beales

Private R T Beaufoy

Private Horace Beaufoy

Private Benjamin Beaufoy

Private William Beaumont

Private Joseph Arthur Beck

Lance Corporal Frank Beck

2nd Corporal Ernest Edward Beckett

Rifleman William Herbert Beech

Lieutenant Rowland Auriol James Beech

Private George Bell

Private J Bell

Armourer'S Crew William Francis Bellis

Serjeant Ernest William Bench

Lance Corporal William Eli Benson

Private Alfred Garnett Bentley

Lance Corporal William Beresford

Private Arthur Berry

Captain Thomas Henry Bethell

Corporal George Biddle

Private Albert Edward Biddle

Sapper Frank Billing

Corporal Herbert Leslie Birch

Private Frederick John Bishop

Private Joseph Blackmoor

Private George Blackwell

Private James Blakemore

Private Martin Blakemore

Private Arthur Blower

Gunner Vincent Arthur Bloxham

Boy 1st Class Horace Blunt

Corporal Jack Blythe

Lance Corporal William Wallace Boak

Lance Corporal W Bodin

Private Ernest James Bolton

Gunner Patrick Bond

Leading Signalman Edward Bonham

Private Harold George Bonham

Private S T Booker

Gunner Thomas Wilkinson Booth

Private George Bostock

Private W Boswell

Private William Henry Bott

Private H T Boulstridge

Private A S Bowen

Lance Corporal John Bowns

Private Harry Bowns

Private Alfred Charles Bowron

Private George Boycott

Sapper William Edwin Boyes 

Private Arthur Ernest Bradbury

Gunner T E Bradley 

Corporal George Braidley

Aircraftman 2nd Class Percy Braithwaite

Serjeant H Brasse

Private H Brassington 

Private H Bree

Private John Francis P. Brennan

Private A Brewin 

Private 2nd Class Walter Joseph Bridge

Private J Brind

Private John Brislin

Private Harry Amos Brittain

Sapper Henry Oliver Brookes

Serjeant Edward Brookes

Rifleman Alfred Leonard Brookes

Gunner William Edwin Brown

Private R Brown

Air Mechanic 2nd Class William Brown

Private J. Ambrose Brown

Lance Corporal Frank Llewellyn John Brown

Pioneer Charles Brown

Private Alfred James Brown

Private Charles Davis Brown

Private Bertram Brown

Private Henry Buckland

Private James Frederick Buckley

Private Arthur Lewin Marshall Bull

Corporal R Bullock 

Private G Bullock

Private H Bunker

Lance Serjeant Raymond Ernest Bunker

Private A G Bunney 

Pioneer William John Bunster

Private T Burdett

Lieutenant Frank Amesbury Burdin

Private Samuel Burnett

Serjeant Leonard Oliver Burr

Private Basil Burrows

Private A Burrows

Serjeant J W Burton

Private Thomas Butcher

Private John Butler

Rifleman Roland Bertie Butlin

Private H Cadden 

Gunner Frederick Walter Caldicott

Private Louis Callow

Private A J Calloway

Private W J Canning

Wireman 2nd Class James Horace Cantrill

Private A H Carpenter

Private Frederick Walter Carr

Corporal Bert Carter

Private Herbert Harry Carter

Sapper R Carter

Lieutenant G E Cash

Private Ernest Cashmore

Private Wilfred Caswell

Private Arthur Edward Caswell

Private Edgar Percival Cater

Serjeant Thomas Braithwaite Chadwick

Private James Helme Charlwood

Private Joseph Oliver Chatland

Private William George Chatland

Private Louis Chattaway

Driver H A Chattaway

Lance Corporal Alfred Chatwin

Private Sidney Checkling

Second Lieutenant Raymond Russell Cheshire

Private F Chinn 

Private J R Chisholm

Private William Chittem

Serjeant Nelson Clark

Lance Corporal Victor Leslie Clarke

Private William Tutton Clarke

Private Frank Clarke

Private Henry Clarke

Private Arthur Clarke

Private Albert William Clarke

Private Herbert Clarke

Private David Clarke

Private Joseph James Clarke

Gunner H Clarke

Lance Serjeant Alfred Henry Clarke

Private John William Clarke 

Private Joseph Turton Cleaver

Private Walter T. Cleaver

Private Albert Ernest Cleaver

Private William Clegg

Private Harvey Cleverley

Private F Clews

Private Arthur Ernest Clews

Private Leonard Clews

Corporal Albert Henry Clifford

Private John Robert Clifford

Private Frank Coates

Private Charles Edward Coggins

Private James Coles

Private Percy James Collett

Private Sydney Collett

Gunner Bernard Collier

Gunner Herbert Charles Collingbourne

Private Frederick Collins

Private Ernest James Colston

Private Arthur Albert George Coltman

Lance Corporal J H Compton

Private James Connolly

Lieutenant B E Cook

Private William Fredrick Cooke

Second Lieutenant Wilfrid Maurice Cooksey

Gunner W H Cooper

Private Herbert Cooper 

Private F Cooper

Corporal E Cooper 

Corporal Harry Beeton Copson

Private William Alfred Cordin

Private Reginald Elvan Cotterrell 

Private Harry Cotton

Private Joseph Court

Chaplain 4th Class The Rev. Arthur Martin Cowd

Private Charles William Cox

Private Francis Daulman Cox

Gunner George Frederick Cox

Private Lawrence Cecil Cox

Lance Serjeant Walter Ernest Cramp

Private W Cramp 

Gunner Reginald Cramp 

Cook'S Mate Victor Craner

Serjeant F Craner

Lance Serjeant Henry Smith Craven

Private Thomas John Crawford

Driver Arthur Cribdon

Gunner J Cripps

Private Clarence Victor Crisp

Private Walter Crofts 

Private Frederick Crowton 

Private William Guy Curtis 

Private Samuel Cutler 

Private Aaron Cutts 

Lance Bombardier Stanley Stephen Dalton

Private George Albert Daniels

Sapper Henry William Daniels

Private G H Darby

Private T W Darbyshire

Boy 1st Class B Darlow

Lance Corporal Henry Charles Davenport

Private Stanley Davies

Rifleman Arthur Edward Davies

Lance Corporal John Charles Davies

Rifleman James Davis

Private Harold Davison

Sapper Frederick William Davoile

Private Leonard Dawson

Private William Day

Private J Day

Serjeant Arthur Day

Private Francis J. Day

Private F H Daynes

Private William Bertram Debenham

Private Joseph Degnan

Private Frederick George Denton

Private John Jordan Derry

Private Thomas Henry Desborough

Corporal William Henry Dilnott

Private John Dingley

Private Herbert Dowswell

Private Charles Hindon Drayton

Serjeant Leonard Dufner

Private Oliver Dunn

Private Thomas William Dunn

Private W H Durham

Private Arthur George Dyer

Gunner W H Eagles

Private C Eales

Private John William Eardley

Private J F Eaton

Private Ernest Eaves

Private H Edwards

Second Lieutenant John Wesley Edwards

Second Lieutenant Arthur Joseph Edwards 

Private Percy James Elden

Rifleman Edwin Russell Elks

Private Alfred Reginald Elliott

Private Francis John Elliott

Private Herbert Elliott

Private A W Elson

Private Wilfred Reginald Endall

Cadet P J Evans

Private John Evans

Lance Corporal Joseph Evans

Rifleman Harold Everall

Private George Edward Everest

Gunner W J Evetts

Private John Eykelbosch

Lance Corporal Frederick Pitham Facer

Private Albert Edward Farmer

Gunner T Farmer 

Boy 1st Class Henry Gordon Farmer

Able Seaman W J Farrell

Pioneer Frank Clifford Farrell 

Private A Farrow 

Private Samuel Turner Faulkner

Serjeant Alfred Leonard Fawson

Lance Serjeant James Fawson

Private William Henry Feltham

Sapper Fredrick Ernest Fern

Private Albert Edward Fitch

Private Frank Flanagan

Private Frank Albert Flanders

Private William Colin Flavell

Private David Charles Flavell

Second Lieutenant Charles Fletcher

Private William Fletcher

Corporal Edward Flint

Rifleman J Flint 

Private Albert Victor Flockton

Trooper Ernest William Flowers

Private W Flowers

Private Dennis Percy Flude

Private Christopher Follows

Private G Foster

Private William Foster

Sapper Percy John Francis

Stoker 1st Class Frederick William Fraser

Private Donald Fraser

Private William Tom Frazer

Private Thomas Alfred Freeman

Private A E French

Private William French

Private James French

Private Henry Walter Fretter

Private A Frisby

Private Mark Frost

Private J W Fulwell

Serjeant Walter Furniss

Lance Corporal Alfred Furnival

Private Charles Futrill

Private Harry Gamble 

Company Serjeant Major Thomas Ganley

Private Thomas Harriss Gardner

Lance Corporal Ernest Gardner

Private Walter Garlick

Private Albert Ernest Garlick

Private Frederick William Garner

Private J A Garner

Private D Garner 

Private W Garratt 

Private Samuel Hossleby Garrett 

Private David Garrett

Second Lieutenant Jack Garside

Petty Officer Stoker Thomas Gaskin

Private Frank Gayton

Acting Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Edward James Geater

Private James Joseph George

Private H Gibbs 

Private Stephen Walter Giles

Lance Corporal J J Giles

Private F W Gill

Rifleman Horace John Gillespie

Sapper John Gilmore

Private William Goddard

Gunner W T Golby

Private Samuel Goodall

Gunner E H Goodfellow

Lance Serjeant Arthur William Gorman

Private Walter Gould

Private Frank Goulden

Captain Francis Noel Graham

Lance Corporal William Henry Grainger

Rifleman John William Grainger

Private Frederick Grant 

Gunner James Henry Greaves

Serjeant Joseph Henry Green

Able Seaman Frank Kenneth Greening

Private Arthur Henry Greenway

Private Leonard Harry Greenway

Serjeant F Greenwood

Captain Herbert Gregory

Private Thomas Edmund Griffin

Private Herbert Henry Griffin

Private Walter Griffin

Private Arthur Griffiths

Private William Henry Griffiths

Private Sidney Grimley

Private Harry Grimley

Major John Grover

Private J H Groves

Second Lieutenant James William Guise 

Private Henry Edwin Gunn

Private Thomas Henry Habberley

Private Edward Finch Hackett

Private Thomas Hadley

Sapper A Hakes

Major Leslie Broughton Halcomb

Private William Bernard Haley

Private Sidney Arthur Halford

Second Lieutenant Aubrey Frederick Hall

Private Ernest Hammersley 

Sapper Reginald William Hancock

Private William Henry Hancock

Corporal Walter H. Hancock

Private E J Hancocks

Private Ernest William Hancox

Private Harry Hancox

Private Albert Hand

Lance Serjeant H W Harper

Private Harold Hubert Harper

Private John Denis Harrington

Ordinary Seaman Richard Harrington

Serjeant John Joseph Harrington

Private Frederick John Harris

Private Oliver Charles Harris

Private Frank Harris

Private James Harris

Able Seaman Arthur John Harris

Corporal Frederick Harris

Private Frederick Thomas Harris

Private John Samuel Harris

Senior Reserve Attendant Frederick William Harrison

Corporal W B B Harrison

Company Quartermaster Serjeant Leonard Chase Harrison

Private Raymond Harrow

Private N Hartley

Private William Hartley

Private George Joseph Hartopp

Private Walter Harvey

Private Frank Herbert Haswell

Private Albert Frederick Hathaway

Private Frank Ellis Don Hattersley

Corporal George Hawkins

Private Walter Edward Hawkins

Private George Henry Hawthorn

Rifleman Arthur Edward Hawthorn

Corporal Herbert William Hawthorne

Private H Hawthorne

Serjeant W T Hayes

Private H Hayes

Private Samuel Hayes

Private G F Hayfield

Company Serjeant Major Arthur Haymes

Second Lieutenant Ernest Haywood

Private John Haywood

Private Sam Heames

Aircraftman 2nd Class James David Hearn

Private Samuel Henderson

Sapper Francis Sidney Henson

Gunner Edgar Charles Henton

Private William Herbert

Bombardier Henry Hewitt

Private William Charles Hewitt

Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class James Moss Hewitt

Private Arthur Hewson

Private Alfred Walter Hewson

Private Ernest Leopold Hibbert

Bombardier T Hickman

Private James Hicks

Troop Cook Frederick William High

Gunner Joseph Hill

Private Albine Gordon Hipperson 

Private Charles Hoare

Lance Corporal Henry James Hobbis

Private W R Hobbs

Private Samuel Hodgkins

Private Francis Joseph Hogan

Private Thomas Hogan

Private S W Holland

Captain Percy Hood Hollick

Lance Corporal William Herbert Hollins

Private Charles Holmes

Serjeant Walter Holmes

Private Oliver Holt

Private Percy Holt

Private Alexander Holt

Private Edward Holton

Private John Henry Holyoake

Corporal W Holyoake

Private Francis Hopkins

Bombardier Charles John Hopkins

Private Henry William Hopkins

Private Samuel David Horden

Private F Horne

Captain Frederick Julian Horner

Private William Henry Horton

Private Harold Reginald Hotton

Private Leonard Wells Houghton

Battery Quartermaster Serjeant J B Howdle

Driver W Howe

Private John Howe

Gunner Charles Henry Howe

Serjeant Joseph Howe

Second Lieutenant Evan Llewellyn Howells

Engine Room Artificer 4th Class Henry Edmund Howkins

Private Charles Howkins

Lance Corporal Seth Edward Howlett

Second Lieutenant Frederick Harold Hoyle

Stoker 1st Class William Hughes

Private Leonard Hughes

Private Frederick George Hunt

Gunner Claude Theodore Hurley

Rifleman B T Hurlock

Cadet Thomas Law Husselby

Private Alfred Hutt

Gunner Ernest Cyril Huxham

Driver Ronald Vernon Hyde

Second Lieutenant William Arthur Imber

Gunner Ernest Arthur Ingram

Private Percy Walter Frederick Ingram

Private J W Ison

Lance Bombardier Alfred James Ison

Corporal A E Ison

Private Francis Joseph Ison 

Captain Edgar Godfrey Izon

Private Sidney Jackman

Lance Corporal George Jackman

Private L Jackson

Private Thomas Percy Jackson

Corporal John Jackson

Captain Harold Jackson

Private G Jackson

Clerk 2nd Class J H Jackson 

Private Joseph Jackson

Private Albert Ernest Jackson

Private Ernest Alfred Jackson

Private H Jacques

Midshipman Oliver Robin Octavius Jagger

Gunner C A James

Private Albert James

Private Sidney James

Gunner Charles Ernest Jeacock

2nd Corporal Harry Edward Jeffs

Private Albert Jeffs

Private William Arthur Jeffs

Gunner George Reginald Jenkins

Private Leonard Jenkins

Private George William Jenkins

Stoker 1st Class Ernest Jenkinson

Corporal Thomas Jenkinson

Private Walter Jennings

Private William Walter Jenson

Private Joseph Vincent Jewsbury

Lance Corporal Charles Johnson

Private Montague Johnson

Private Arthur Johnson

Driver John Thomas Jones 

Private L T Jones

Private Ernest Jones

Sapper George Longworth Jones

Private Walter Henry Jones

Able Seaman Robert Jones

Private Frederick Charles Maurice Jones

Private Arthur Stanley Jordan

Lance Corporal William Kaye

Gunner H E Keefe

Private W Kelley

Private William Reginald Thomas Kelly

Gunner Edmund Kelsey

Private Reginald George Kendall

Private Arthur Kendall

Private Joseph Kendall

Lance Corporal Henry Kendrick

Private Richard George Kendrick

Lance Corporal Arthur George Kenning

Private John William Kenning

Private Joseph Kenning

Private George Henry Kettle

Lance Corporal Wilfred Henry Kightley

Private Ernest Kilpack

Driver Sydney Charles Kimberley

Private Harry Edward Kimberley

Private Thomas Kimberley

Private John King

Lieutenant Charles King

Private John King

Serjeant Charles Ernest Kirby

Private Percy Herbert Kirby

Private John Kirkbright

Private Arthur Knight

Corporal Albert Dennis Knighton

Private Alfred Lamb

Private John Alfred Lamb

Serjeant Alfred Lanchbury

Private Herbert Lane

Private Ephraim Bunny Lane

Private C A Langford

Private A Lapworth

Private A Lapworth

Private Hodgson Law

Lance Corporal J A Lawley

Rifleman Herbert Lawrenson

Serjeant Charles Lawson

Private Arthur William Laycock

Private A Layte

Private Albert Edward Layton

Corporal W Leather

Rifleman J Leavesley

Private Henry Charles Ledbrooke

Private Frank Lee

Private William Lee

Private Alec Lester

Stoker 1st Class William Edward Lester

Private Frederick Lewis

Private Frederick Lewis

Private Frederick George Lewis

Private Reginald John Liggins

Private Daniel Lindon

Private George William Loakes

Private Joseph Lomas

Private Ernest Lombard

Private Harry Lombard

Private Harry Longden

Private John Lovatt

Rifleman T H Lovegrove

Second Lieutenant Alan Percy Charles Loveitt

Private J W Loveridge

Private Henry Arthur Lowe

Private Leonard Lucas

Corporal Reginald Arthur Lucas

Able Seaman Richard Bert Lucas

Lance Corporal E Lucas

Company Serjeant Major Bertie Lucas

Private Lawrence Ludford

Private E Lumbert

Serjeant Arthur Luty

Private Thomas Lynes

Private W Lynes

2nd Corporal Charles Lyons

Private Alexander Ross MacDonald

Private William Mahers

Lance Corporal T Mallabone

Captain Alfred Ernest Mander

Serjeant Albert Ernest Mann

Lance Corporal G Manners

Private P Mannion

Private A W Mapley

Private Joseph Marriott

Private Arthur Sydney Marshall

Private Robert George Martin

Private Albert Martin

Second Lieutenant Alfred Edgar Mascord

Driver Edward Ernest Mason

Private Charles Henry Mason

Private H Massingham

Lieutenant Ernest Harold Masters

Corporal William Masters

Private Thomas Stevens Masters

Private Frank William Matthews

Private E Matthews

Company Serjeant Major Ethelbert Balfour Matthews

Bombardier Frederick Matthews

Private Frank William Matthews

Rifleman W T Mawby

Serjeant A Maycock

Private H Maynard

Private T A Maynard

Serjeant Williams McCarthy

Lance Corporal William Ironside McGhie

Private Leonard McKnight

Private Horace McKnight

Private R McLachlan

Assistant Steward J McMahon

Private William McQuiggan

Lance Corporal Charley Meaden

Private R Melton

Private Frederick Henry Mence

Private James Samuel Merry

Private James Frederick Merry

Lance Corporal Harry John Metcalf

Gunner Alfred George Middleton

Driver Samuel Miles

Private Robert Miles

Private Frank Miles

Private William Nathaniel Miles

Driver William Ernest Millerchip

Pioneer Charles Henry Millerchip

Private Joseph Millerchip

Private Edward James Millerchip

Gunner Thomas Mills

Private Alfred Mills

Able Seaman Frank Herbert Mills

Gunner G Millward

Private Samuel Milner

Captain Douglas Owen Milner Moore

Private Herbert Minstrell

Lieutenant James Campbell Mitchell

Chief Boatswain James Mitchell

Corporal Thomas Mitchinson

Private Ernest Molesworth


Private Alfred Molesworth

Lance Corporal Harry Molesworth

Able Seaman Joseph Robert Montgomery

Private W Moore

Private William Moore

Serjeant Thomas Ernest Moore

Corporal Charles Frederick Moran

Cadet Hubert Arthur Morley

Gunner A Morris

Private Alfred James Morris

Private W H Morris

Rifleman G T Morris

Private Charles Edwin Morris

Lance Corporal H Moseley

Private Harold Moseley

Private Arthur Robert Rotherham Moy

Gunner W H Moy

Corporal George Murfin

Lance Corporal Leonard Samuel Mynett


Private David Neal

Private Walter Ernest Neal

Private Frederick Ernest Neale

Private George Neale

Private Reginald Needle

Private Percy Harold Nelson

Private Horace William Nelson

Senior Reserve Attendant Maurice Alfred Neville

Private E W Newbold

Private Arthur Thomas Newey

Private Arthur Newman

Private A Newman

Private John Charles Newman

Second Lieutenant Theo Edward Newsome

Serjeant George Henry Nichols

Private Walter Harry Nixon

Private Charles Jesse Norbury

Private Roland Norman

Second Lieutenant Sydney Frank Norris

Private Charles William North

Private Arthur Allen North

Gunner William Richard Northall

Private Richard Norton

Private Albert James Norton

Private George Thomas Oakes

Gunner Walter Oldfield

Private Joseph O'Mara

Private James O'Neil

Private Albert O'Neil

Sapper H J Osborn

Gunner D Osborne 

Private William Matthew Osborne

Private H H Oswin

Corporal Walter Over

Private Albert Edward Over

Private Arthur William Overton

Sapper Fred Thomas Overton

Private W Owen

Gunner F Owen 

Private George Ernest Owen

Private Thomas Joseph Packwood

Corporal Louis Henry Page

Gunner F G Page

Private Henry Pagett

Rifleman Hugh Conrad Pails

Private William Arthur Painting

Private William James Palmer

Rifleman Sydney Charles Palmer

Corporal William Pargeter

Battery Serjeant Major Charles Edward Hayden Parker

Lance Corporal Harold Parker

Corporal W H Parker

Private W Parker 

Private Charles William Parkes

Private Ernest Parkin

Corporal James William George Parnell

Private W H Parsons

Private A J Partridge 

Private Frank Herbert Patience

Private John Edward Patterson

Private R Paxton

Sapper William Henry Paxton

Sapper A Payne

Pioneer Herbert Joseph Payne

Gunner Ewart Payne

Private Harry Peacock

Gunner W H Peake

Serjeant Benjamin Pearce

Able Seaman Walter Henry Pearce

Private Harold Thomas Pearcey

Private William Pearsall

Gunner Arthur George Pearson

Ordinary Seaman Oswald Alfred Peart

Assistant Paymaster Edward Leslie Peirson

Private William Pepper

Company Serjeant Major Charles Arthur Pepper

Private George William Peters

Private William Phillips

Private Reginald Albert Philpott

Private R Philpott

Private George Alfred Pickard

Private Sydney Mornington Pickerill

Surgeon Lieutenant William Howard Pickup

Private Albert Piggott

Private Phillip John Piggott

Private Frederick Ernest Pitchford

Private Leslie Richard Pitt

Private Horace Plackett

Second Lieutenant Herbert Plant

Private Francis George Podmore

Private Charles Ponder

Private Edwin Stanley Ponting

Private Samuel Poole

Private Ernest Porter

Private Albert Portman

Serjeant Charles Henry Potter

Major Vernon Harcourt De Butts Powell

Able Seaman John Powell

Driver Merrick Powell

Private Egbert Powell

Private George Frederick Powers

Private William Andrew Pratt

Gunner Horace Preedy

Private Job Prescott

Lance Corporal Isaac Norman Price

Major Reginald George Pridmore

Captain Percy Malin Pridmore

Private Ernest Peter Prior

Private H Probert

Private Frank Proctor

Driver Herbert Edward Proctor

Lieutenant John Edwin Pugh

Private Eric Keppell Purnell 

Private Sidney Thomas Quinney

Private Joseph Radburn

Serjeant George Thomas Radford

Private Harold James Radford

Lance Corporal E Radley

Sapper Henry Charles Rainbow

Lance Corporal John Rainsden

Serjeant George Frederick Randall

Leading Stoker James William Randall

Private Joseph George Randle

Private Charles Raper

Private Bert Rawlins

Private Albert Alfred Raybould

Gunner William John Reaves

Private Walter Charles Reene

Private J Reeves

Corporal Alfred Joseph Revere

Sapper L N Reynolds

Private Fred Rhodes

Lieutenant Edmund Gabriel Rice

Private George Rice

Fitter Corporal Joseph Richards

Private G Richards

Private Joseph Reeley Richardson

Serjeant Robert Melville Rickman

Private Lawrence Piersey Ridlinton

Gunner E T Rigby

Private Henry Herbert Riley

Lance Corporal Sydney James Riley

Gunner Herbert Robbins

Sapper Fredrick William Robbins

Private Thomas Arthur Robbins

Private William Roberts

Private Edward William Roberts

Private S H H Roberts

Lieutenant Ernest Charles Robinson

Private S H Robinson

Private E C Roddy

Private Harry Roddy

Serjeant Thomas Roden

Lance Corporal Ernest Rogers

Bombardier Harold Eugene Rollason

Private William Roper

Private John Rose

Private Arthur Henry Rose

Gunner Iddlesleigh Roseby

Private John William Rossiter

Private William George Roue

Corporal William Rowe

Pioneer Charles Herbert Rowe

Private Bertram Thomas Rowe

Private Sam Rudge

Private Alfred Ruff

Private J Ruscoe

Private Alfred Charles Russell

Private Thomas Henry Russell

Second Lieutenant Patrick Joseph Ryan

Private John Edmund Alexander Ryan 

Private Joseph Charles Sadler

Second Lieutenant William John Salmons

Private J Sanders

Private A G Sant

Lance Bombardier Sidney Charles Satchwell

Bombardier G W Satchwell

Private William Jackson Saul

Lance Corporal Frederick Arthur Saul

Private J E A Saunders

Private Harry Savage

Private Walter Ernest Seamark

Private Jonathan William Sedgley

Shoeing Smith Frank Selfe

Private J N Selman

Rifleman John William Setchell

Private J Settle

Serjeant Herbert Meredith Shaffir

Private Harry Shakespeare

Corporal Robert Montague Sharland

Private Alfred Sharman

Private Charles Wilfred Sharman

Sapper Frederick John Sharman

Lance Corporal Joseph Sharratt

Private George Albert Sharratt

Rifleman F E Shaw

Private George Henry Shaw

Lance Corporal John Phillip Shaw

Apprentice Leonard Bruce Shaw

Private F Sheer


Lance Corporal Sidney Sheffield

Signalman George Shenstone

Private Arthur Shepherd

Private James William Sheppard

Private Herbert Benjamin Sheppard

Gunner Fredrick Stanley Shepperd

Private William Charles Sheward

Private William Henry Shilton

Private George James Joseph Shilton

Private G T Shipp

Private Harry Shires

Private 1st Class H J Shortley

Lance Corporal Edward Shufflebotham

Private Frank Albert Shufflebotham 

Lance Corporal Cecil Sidwell

Private Ernest Sidwell 

Private Francis Herbert Silcocks

Private Aubrey Henry Simmonds

Private Thomas Simmonds

Stoker 1st Class Charles Simmons

Private William Simmons

Private W Simms

Gunner Thomas Henry Simms

Company Serjeant Major Harold Simpson

Lance Corporal Joseph Richard Simpson

Rifleman Frederick Arthur Sims

Private Frederick George Skidmore

Gunner W S Slater

Lance Serjeant Harold Slater

Private Albert Edward Smart

Private A Smith

Private Tom Smith 

Private Mark Henry Smith

Private Thomas Henry Smith

Aircraftman 2nd Class Aubrey Lawrence Smith

Second Lieutenant Frederick George Smith

Serjeant Sydney Harry Smith 

Private Walter Thomas Smith

Second Lieutenant Leslie George Smith

Private Eli Smith

Private John Charles Smith

Private A Smith 

Private Percy Arthur Smith

Private James Smith

Sapper Harry Smith

Private G W Smith

Pioneer Henry George Smith

Private Arthur Smith

Private George Edward Smith

Serjeant Samuel Arthur Smith 

Serjeant P Smith

Second Lieutenant T E Smith

Private A J South

Private William Southam

Private Albert Harold Sowter

Lance Corporal Edward Sparkes

Lance Corporal James Thomas Spencer

Private G Spraggitt

Quartermaster Serjeant Rochester Illingworth Sproul

Serjeant Arthur Stagg

Private William Stagg

Private W J Stanley

Serjeant J Stanley 

Able Seaman Harry Bridges Stannard

Serjeant Charles Victor Staples 

Boatswain Frank Thomas Stapleton

Gunner S R Stebbing

Gunner Herbert Walter Steeley

Private Harry Stevenson

Private Joseph Stew

Private Thomas Stew

Company Serjeant Major W Stiles

Private George Stokes

Private Charles Stokes

Able Seaman George Stonehouse

Private William Stonier

Private H Storr

Lance Corporal L F Stringer 

Private Percy Stubbs

Company Serjeant Major Hugh Hinds Sutton

Sapper Aleck Sutton

Private Frank Swain

Lance Corporal William Sweatman

Private Ernest William Swift

Private F Swingler

Private Thomas Tallis

Private H F Tams

Private Percy William Tansley

Private K J Taylor

Gunner Samuel Taylor

Private Herbert Taylor

Lance Corporal William Arthur Taylor

Private Arthur Taylor

Private William Taylor

Private George Albert Taylor

Corporal T Taylor

Quartermaster Serjeant John Henry Tayton

Private Charles John Teale

Private James Tedds

Gunner Harry Tennant

Private Percy Terheege

Private George Terheege

Gunner Albert Terheege

Private Henry Arthur Terry

Private R Terry

Serjeant Leonard Charles Tester

Chief Shipwright 2nd Class Alfred Thain

Private George Rymill Thomas

Corporal Lionel Edward Thomas

Private William George Thompson

Lance Serjeant Leonard Thompson

Private T Thompson

Private Alfred Thompson

Private Walter Henry Thompson

Private Albert Charles Thompson

Private Percy John Thompson

Private James Thomas Thompson

Private Albert Thornett

Corporal Frederick George Thorpe

Private Walter Thorpe

Private Albert Thurman

Private Walter Tidman

Lance Corporal Austin Timmins

Rifleman J Timms 

Private W Tims 

Private Thomas Edward Tinsley

Corporal Alexander Tod

Private William Tombs

Private Frederick John Tomlinson

Air Mechanic 1st Class George Philip Tompkins

Driver George William Tompkins

Serjeant W Toms

Private Harry Tonks

Private Wallace Towe

Private E G Townend 

Private Andrew Townend

Private Arthur Trickett

Private Joshua Trinder

Sick Bay Steward G Trolley

Private A Troughton

Driver Harry Truslove

Private William Tuck

Private Ernest Tunnicliffe

Private A C Turner

Rifleman Bernard Louis Turner

Private Alfred Turner

Private George Turner

Petty Officer Charles William Turrall

Private Joe Turrell

Private Leonard Twaites

Private George Twamley

Private Leonard Twamley

Private Arthur Charles Tyler

Private Frank Underhill

Sapper Harry Hassall Underwood

Private Edward Valour

Private J Varney

Corporal Charles David Vials

Private Isaac Vickers

Second Lieutenant Frederick Charles Vincent

Private Alfred Lawrence Norman Viner

Private Albert Victor Viner

Battery Quartermaster Serjeant Arthur Richard Voice

Private George Wagstaffe

Lance Corporal William Francis Walden

Private Harry Walker

Private Ernest Sydney Walker

Corporal Henry Walker

Private Charles Wall

Private Alfred Wallen

Private Albert Edward Wallis

Private A F Walters 

Gunner J Ward 

Lance Serjeant H Ward

Private Sydney Ward

Private F H Ward

Private G A Ward

Private Albert Edward Ward

Private Anthony Ward

Private Sidney Frank Ward

Private William Warder

Driver Frank Alfred Waring

Private John James Waring

Private Ernest Edward Waring

Lance Corporal George Percy Warner

Private Stanley Thomas Warner

Lance Corporal George Warner

Private Eric Charles Durrant Warner

Private John Warren

Private Arthur Waterfall

Lance Corporal Ernest Charles Waters

Captain Reginald Rigden Waters

Private Albert Mark Watts

Private Samuel Weatherby

Private David Weatherby

Private William Henry Webb

Driver Joseph Webb

Serjeant F Webb

Private Frederic William Webber

Private Charles Clifford Webster

Private Arthur Welch

Private Frank William Wells

Lance Corporal Robert Wells

Private Alfred William Wells

Private Frank Welton

Lance Corporal Philip West

Rifleman Henry West

Private Philip Gray West

Private F W Westley

Private James Henry Wetton

Rifleman William Wheat

Rifleman James Wheat

Private James Wheeldon

Private Andrew Whetstone 

Ordinary Seaman Horace Stanley White

Private Ernest Leonard White

Serjeant A E Whitehouse

Private Daniel Whitehouse

Second Lieutenant John Francis Wightman

Private James William Wilcox

Private Albert Victor Wiles 

Rifleman John Thomas Wilkins

Private Herbert Musgrove Wilkins

Private William Wilkins

Fitter John Wilkins

Able Seaman J Wilkinson

Gunner Josiah Wilkinson

Private G Wilkinson

Private George Wilkinson

Private 2nd Class Charles James Willday

Lance Corporal Charles Williams

Private Richard Philip Williams

Private Alfred Edward Williams

Private Arthur Sidney Williams

Corporal Thomas Ernest Wills

Sapper A Wills 

Private William Henry Wills

Air Mechanic 2nd Class Horace James Wilson

Private Frederick Gerald Wilson

Private W Wilson

Engine Room Artificer James Wilson

Private Horace Llewellyn Wilson

Private Harry Wilson

Private W F Wing

Private G F Withers 

Company Serjeant Major William Henry Croft Wood

Private Harry Wood

Private Richard Wood

Lance Corporal Albert Wood

Bombardier H Wood 

Private W R Wood

Corporal Albert Edwin Woodall

Private Albert Woodier

Private R Woodward 

Private William Henry Woodward

Gunner Thomas Alfred Woodward

Trooper Walter Woodward

Able Seaman A H Woolgar

Private Ernest Thomas Woolley

Lance Corporal Frederick Worby

Private F Worrall

Private O L Worrall

Private Alfred Thomas Worrall

Private Charles Thomas Worrall

Serjeant William Henry Worrall

Private Bertram Worwood

Private John Thomas Worwood

Private Theodore Rymer Wrigglesworth

Private George Henry Wright

Private Herbert George Wright

Private 1st Class Percy James Wright

Corporal Thomas Wright

Rifleman Joseph Castell Wright

Private B Wright

Private David Wright

Private A Wykes

Lieutenant William Reginald Fitzthomas Wyley

Second Lieutenant Frank Yardley

Corporal Charles Cleaver Yates

Lance Corporal William Yates

Lance Corporal John Young

Private Henry Young