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Depending on the terms of your account, you can make or cancel payments in the usual ways - through Online Services, by calling us on 0800 121 8899 or by asking us in a branch.

To make (or cancel) a payment, you’ll need to give us these details:

  • your account number
  • amount of the payment(s)
  • date for the payment(s) to be made

And if you’re setting up (or cancelling) a transfer or regular payment:

  • bank details of the person or company you’re paying
    (namesort codeaccount number and reference, if applicable)

You may also need to provide your passbook or payment card and you may also need to refer to your other security details.

Make sure there’s enough money in your account

You must have enough available money in your account to make the payment no later than 2pm on the day the payment is due to be made.

  • Standing orders
    if you pay funds in after 2pm on the date the payment is due, we may still make your payment on the next business banking day. We’ll keep trying for three days and if there’s not enough money available on the fourth day, we’ll make a missed payment charge.

    Direct Debits
    We’ll only pay Direct Debits and future dated one-off payments if you have sufficient available funds in your account by 2pm on the day the payment is due. If you try to make a payment when you don't have sufficient funds available, we may refuse to make the payment and you may be charged.

    Our charges

If you think you might have insufficient funds in your account to make a payment, you can:

  • Transfer in by making a Faster Payment from another bank or building society
    Please allow up to two hours for the payment to reach your account.

  • Transfer from another Coventry account
    Internal transfers between Coventry accounts will normally be processed immediately.

  • Pay in cash at any branch
    The amount will be added to your balance immediately.


To cancel or change a standing order 

If you’ve registered, you can use Online Services. Or you can call us on 0800 121 8899 or ask at any branch.


To cancel or change a Direct Debit 

You can cancel a Direct Debit yourself via Online Services, in a branch or by calling us on 0800 121 8899 . Contact the organisation you’re paying to let them know you're cancelling - or to ask to change your payments. 

To order a cheque

Call us on 0800 121 8899 or ask at any branch . We’ll let you know if we can issue a cheque and if we can, we’ll arrange it for you. When you get in touch, please have to hand the details of the exact amount and the name of the person or organisation you need to pay.

If you think a payment’s gone to the wrong recipient

Call us as soon as possible on
0800 121 8899

If you don't recognise a transaction on your statement 

Call us as soon as possible on
0800 121 8899