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Our Online Services, password set-up service and savings account opening will be unavailable for a short period from 11pm on Tuesday 11 December until the early hours of Wednesday morning.

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These scams are used to try and trick you into handing over your debit or credit card and PIN. The scammers will then use your card to make fraudulent purchases and cash withdrawals. 

Remember - we'll never ask you to return your card or give us your PIN.

Here's how it could work

  • You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from your bank or building society's fraud department, or the Police. They tell you that a fraud has taken place on your account using your card.

  • You're asked to call your card provider using the number printed on the back of your card. But the caller keeps the phone line open, so you're still connected to them.

  • You're told that your card must be collected by courier.

  • You're asked to provide your PIN, either verbally, or using the telephone keypad.

  • Your card is collected. The scammers now have your card and PIN - and access to your account.

Stay safe - follow this advice

  • When you call your bank or building society back after you've received a call from someone you don't know, look up the number yourself. Make sure they’ve hung up and the line’s clear before you use it - use a different phone if you can, or call a friend first.

  • Never give your card to anyone - your card provider will never ask you to return your card.

  • Never reveal your PIN to anyone - neither your card provider nor the Police will ask you for it.