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How to close your account  

We hope you’ll be happy with your account but we understand that things change and your account might no longer be right for you.

With all our accounts, you have a 14 day cancellation period after we open the account. If you wish, you may change your mind and close the account within 14 days without notice, charge or loss of interest.

If the account is an ISA, this 14 day period begins from the date of your first deposit into the account. If you want to close your ISA and want to keep the savings tax-free, you need to arrange an 'ISA transfer' with the provider you're moving the ISA to. If you close an ISA in any other way, your savings will lose their tax-free status.

You may close your account at any time unless our General Terms or the Specific Terms for the account state otherwise. The Specific Terms describe any notice periods, charges or loss of interest which apply if you close your account. If you close an ISA in any way, other than an ISA transfer, your savings will lose their tax-free status.

You can arrange to have your closing balance sent to your nominated bank account, to another bank account or, in some cases, sent to you as a cheque.

You can close your account in a number of ways:

  • Log in to Online Services - if this is possible for your account, go to the account and select ‘Close account’.

  • Call us on 0800 121 8899

  • Ask us at any branch


    It's important that you write the address exactly like this, in capital letters, all on one line. You don't need a stamp. Royal Mail delivers Freepost as Second Class mail.

    Make sure you include the account number and tell us how you want to receive any money left in the account. And don’t forget to sign the letter.