Remortgage Transfer Service

Our remortgage service takes care of all the standard legal work involved with changing mortgage lenders, for example, carrying out Land Registry searches and preparing the mortgage deed. We offer this with many of our mortgages – ask us (or your financial advisor) if it’s included with yours. In addition to this, we’ll arrange a valuation up to £670 (£700 for a Buy to Let mortgage).

What’s included in the remortgage package? 

Standard legal work

A conveyancer from our approved panel will take care of the standard legal work involved with changing lenders. They’ll:

  • Check that the property provides good security for your new mortgage
  • Carry out Land Registry searches
  • Prepare the mortgage deed
  • Prepare any non‐owner occupier forms (so we know about anyone aged 17 or over who lives in the property but isn’t on the mortgage)
  • Apply for a redemption statement from your existing mortgage lender, if you have one
  • Prepare a financial statement for completion of your new mortgage
  • Arrange repayment (‘redemption’) of your current mortgage
  • Register your new mortgage with the Land Registry (up to a maximum of £30 is covered by us, anything charged above this will be your responsibility to pay).

What's not included

If there are any other legal services you need that aren’t included, you can use our conveyancer or your own. Your conveyancer will tell you if there’s anything else you’re likely to need and how much it’ll cost – you’ll need to pay them directly.

Other services could be to:

  • Resolve title issues or anomalies – for example, shared ownership, matrimonial home rights or other restrictions
  • Correct errors in the owner’s name to allow the mortgage to be registered at the Land Registry
  • Arrange for change of ownership, also called ‘transfer of equity’ – to make sure the correct name(s) are on the mortgage – and any costs involved, such as Stamp Duty Land Tax or other taxes
  • Apply for the first registration of title ‐ if the property is currently unregistered
  • Obtain landlord (freeholder’s) consent if needed ‐ if the property is leasehold
  • Certify your identification documents

You’ll also be responsible for paying for:

  • Recorded delivery, special delivery or other non‐standard post services
  • Any same day bank transfer services, for example, to our solicitors, to existing lenders or to you
  • Any costs involved with repaying or postponing any second or subsequent loans secured on the property
  • The cost of returning any documents to you, such as pre‐registration deeds

Changing to a new deal  vs remortgaging: What’s the difference? 

Our simple helpsheet will help you understand your options.

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