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Some of our accounts have a cash card which you can use at cash machines in the UK and abroad.

Using your card abroad

Applying for a card

If your account comes with a cash card, and you haven’t already requested one, please ask at any branch or call us on 0800 121 8899. If you asked for a card when you applied for the account, you’ll get your card in the post a few days after we open your account. You must be 16 or over to have a cash card issued. (Children with an Intro account may have a cash card from age 11).

We’ll also send you, in a separate envelope, a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which you’ll use with your card. If you have a joint account and both of you have a cash card, your cards and PINs will all arrive separately in the post.

Activating your card 

When your card arrives, follow the instructions to activate it otherwise it won't work. The instructions are in the letter you'll get with the card. 

Your PIN

Your PIN is the 4-number code you type in to get money out at a cash machine. It’s how we can check the person using the card is you, the account holder.

You can change your PIN at any Coventry and most LINK cash machines. Make sure you pick a number that you can remember but can’t be easily guessed by anyone else. So don’t use your birthday or something like ‘1234’.

You can use your card to:

Take money out at a cash machine showing the Visa, LINK or PLUS symbols.
You can get cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We don't charge you to get money out of a Coventry cash machine, but other organisations may charge you to use their machines.

Check your balance at any cash machine showing the Visa, LINK or PLUS symbols.

Print a mini-statement at any Coventry cash machine.

Our payment card withdrawal limits

The current cash withdrawal limits are:

At a cash machine
Maximum £500 per day (in no more than 5 separate withdrawals)
At a Coventry cash machine, the minimum withdrawal is £10

Cash over the counter at any Coventry branch
Maximum £500 per day, per account, without notice
With 48 hours’ notice, the maximum is £4,000 per day, per person.

Take care of your card

If your card is lost or stolen, or someone else might know your PIN, call us immediately on 0800 121 8899.  If you don’t tell us, you could be liable for all transactions on your account.

Cancelling a continuous payment authority

As we don't offer a debit card from 10 September 2019, CPA payments won’t work. These should automatically cancel however if you need confirmation please contact the retailer.