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If you're an existing customer, we're making some changes to how we provide home insurance. Find out what we're doing and why building and contents insurance is important.

You have an existing policy and have already received a letter from us

We're changing our insurance provider to Legal & General and they may already have contacted you to offer you a new policy and set up payment details.

We’ve worked with Legal & General to make sure that the new cover will mirror your current policy as closely as possible, and unless you make changes to your policy, you will pay no more than you currently pay. There will be areas where cover is improved, reduced or different.

If you don't arrange a new policy with Legal & General or another provider, before your policy is due for renewal, you'll be uninsured from that date.


Remember – if you have a mortgage, it’s a condition that you have adequate cover.

You have an existing policy through Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) and haven’t received a letter from us

If you haven’t received a letter from us, your insurance remains unchanged and we’ll be in touch before the change of provider affects you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please call us on 0800 121 8899.

Why you need home insurance

Under the conditions of your mortgage it’s your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient buildings cover to protect your home - different policies offer a variety of cover depending on the level of protection you need.  Contents insurance is also an option which covers your household goods and personal possessions. Suitable home insurance will help make sure you don’t suffer significant financial shocks as a result of damage caused by specific events.

Home insurance cover varies by individual policy and provider and is subject to certain eligibility criteria. Your personal insurance needs will also vary over time, therefore it’s wise to regularly review the cover you have in place to make sure the policy is still suitable for your needs. If there is a change to or in your home, you should ensure the cover you have in place remains appropriate.

Getting a quote
It’s important when you get a quote, that you answer all questions fully and truthfully. Quotes will be provided based on the information you provide; this must be accurate to be able to make a meaningful comparison and to ensure the cover fits your needs. Insurers will also rely upon this information when assessing a claim.

Don't forget to check any new policy carefully before cancelling your existing cover to ensure you don't find yourself in a position with insurance that doesn't suit your needs. This is especially important if you have been unfortunate enough to have made claims or suffered losses.

Claims and queries

You can continue to make claims under your current policy where the date of loss is before your renewal date by calling Arthur J. Gallagher (UK)’s claim number 0800 496 4035 or 0330 102 6798. If you take out a new policy with Legal & General and you have a claim, you should contact them directly.

Existing claims are handled by Arthur J. Gallagher (UK) and they will continue to handle the claim until it’s resolved.

See below for the contact numbers for existing home and contents insurance policies and landlords' insurance policies.

Arthur J. Gallagher (UK)
Home and Landlord insurance
Claims: 0800 496 4035 or 0330 102 6798 (24 hours)

Home insurance queries: 0800 496 4036 (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-12 noon)

Landlord insurance queries: 0800 528 2042 (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat 9am-12 noon)
Domestic helpline

Administered by Collinson Insurance Services Limited

This is a free and confidential service included in your insurance. In an emergency, they may be able to provide advice – or they can appoint and send an approved tradesman to your home.

Helpline: 0370 350 5813 (24 hours)

Domestic emergency policy 

Administered by Collinson Insurance Services Limited

Check your insurance schedule to see if you have this cover (it’s available for an additional fee). If a domestic emergency occurs, they can arrange to carry out emergency repairs.

Claims and queries: 0344 770 1067 (24 hours)

Legal expenses policy or Legal expenses
with rent guarantee

Administered by Arc Legal Assistance Limited

Check your insurance schedule to see if you have either of these. (They’re available for an additional fee.)

Claims and queries: 0370 350 1734 (24 hours)

Legal advice helpline  

Administered by Arc Legal Assistance Limited

This is a free and confidential service included in your insurance. They can provide help with legal matters that involve you or a member of your family.

Helpline: 0370 350 1734 (24 hours)

Legal & General
Insurance queries
Home 0370 060 1080
Landlord 0370 900 5578
Insurance claims 

Home 0370 060 1080 (24 hour)
Landlord 0370 900 5565 (24 hour)

More information on claims

Home legal and tax helpline

Provided by DAS Legal Expenses Ins Co Ltd)
0370 050 0962 (24 hour)

Home emergency cover

(only applies if shown on your policy schedule)
Underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) 


Home 0800 975 4882 (24 hour)

Landlord 0800 072 4680 (24 hour)

Home domestic emergency helpline

(Provided by AXA Assistance)
0370 408 9103 (home insurance policy only)
Home family legal protection

(Provided by DAS Legal Expenses Ins Co Ltd)
0370 050 0962 (home insurance policy only 
Legal expenses, rent guarantee and eviction squatters (if selected)

(Provided by DAS Legal Expenses Insurance Co Ltd)
0370 050 1576 (landlord insurance policy only)