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Our commitment to you

Our pledges are dedicated to you.

We're proud that our pledges have set the benchmark for many years and we're even prouder that, in our opinion, they're still number one.

In 2007, we were the 1st lender to make promises to brokers - our 4 pledges demonstrate our clear commitment to you. We've stood by our pledges ever since and we've continued to put you 1st in everything we do.

We'll give you 48 hours' notice before we withdraw a product

1 You can feel frustrated when a product is suddenly withdrawn but, with our product updates, that’s something you’ll never have to worry about. We’ll give you 48 hours’ notice of product withdrawals by email, before we make any changes.

We'll always be open and honest about service levels

2 You can view our daily service levels online (based on a working week, Monday to Friday 9am-5pm) including our average offer turnaround (where no applications are excluded), AIP referral, document processing, call-waiting and valuation instruction times.

We'll never cross-sell insurance to your customers

3 We respect that your customers are your customers – not ours. We won’t cross-sell insurance to your clients. At maturity, we’ll simply direct them back to where their journey with us began – and that’s you.

We'll give your customers the same products, rates and service

4 We don’t think it’s fair to offer direct customers preferential treatment. So we’ll give your clients, whether new or existing, the same products at the same rates and with the same service as our direct customers. And your clients have the same access to our new business products as our direct customers do.

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