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Portfolio Landlords

Our no fuss approach to portfolio landlords

We have a streamlined and straightforward application process and here’s why:

A simple, straightforward process

Complete just one portfolio landlord spreadsheet which has automated calculations, to confirm if the application fits our criteria

We know your time is precious

That’s why there’s no need to do an AIP, just go straight to a full application and there’s no need to submit a business plan

Familiarity is key

That’s why our standard BTL policy and simple ICR criteria also applies to portfolio landlords

An experienced team

We have a dedicated team of portfolio landlord underwriters that really understand the market and ensure quick case progression.

See our product range designed exclusively for portfolio landlords.

What is a portfolio landlord?

A portfolio landlord is a client who has four or more buy to let mortgaged properties. This definition applies to sole and joint (or more) applications. For more information, look at our factsheet (PDF 591KB)Opens in a new window.

All of our standard BTL criteria still applies to the subject property on portfolio landlord applications. And there is some additional portfolio landlord specific criteria to consider.

In every portfolio landlord case, you’ll need to provide us with information about all the properties in the applicant’s portfolio. We’ll fully validate that information but if we’re unable to validate it all electronically, we may ask you for further information.

Our criteria - at a glance

  • The maximum number of BTL mortgages allowed per household with any lender is 10
  • The maximum number of BTL mortgages allowed per household with Coventry Building Society Group is 5
  • The minimum ICR for the subject property is the same as our standard BTL policy. Full BTL ICR policy

How to apply

1 Fully complete the Buy to Let portfolio document (xlsx 1.4MB)Opens in a new window

Include the full address and postcodes of all properties in the portfolio, including any unencumbered properties. It’s important that you give us all the information we need and that you fully check your client’s properties against our criteria.

2 Go straight to full mortgage application

There’s no need to complete an AIP unless you have concerns over your customer’s credit profile.

3 Finalise your application

Upload your application and Buy to Let portfolio document to the case or email it to us at documents@thecoventry.co.uk.

For existing customers

If your client has four or more mortgaged BTL properties, they’ll be defined as a portfolio landlord.

If they apply for a product transfer, transfer of equity (PDF 548KB)Opens in a new window, porting or further advance with us, you’ll need to complete the appropriate Buy to Let portfolio document in full and they’ll be assessed under our portfolio landlord policy.

Our forms

Buy to Let portfolio document (xlsx 1.4MB)Opens in a new window

If you have restricted access to a network, or your platform won’t allow you to use the excel version:

Buy to Let portfolio document (PDF 643KB)Opens in a new window

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