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Genuinely different

To us, you're much more than a savings or borrowing customer - you're a member. We're owned by our members which means our business is your business; We put you first in everything we do.

To us, members' first is a commitment to offering all of our members long-term value with a service that is as simple as it is efficient. We treat all of our members fairly regardless of how long they have been with us and our staff are here for one reason and one reason only - putting members first.


2 August 2013
Coventry Building Society announces strong interim results (PDF 132KB) Opens in a new window

1 March 2013
Coventry Building Society announces strong results (PDF 180KB) Opens in a new window

26 October 2012
Coventry Building Society launches new Poppy Bond to support The Royal British Legion (PDF 62KB) Opens in a new window

10 August 2012
Coventry Building Society announces record results (PDF 98KB) Opens in a new window

29 June 2012
Great news for savers as Coventry Building Society launches market leading savings accounts with rates up to 3.65% AER (PDF 62KB) Opens in a new window

31 May 2012
Coventry Building Society is named Best Lender for Buy to Let Mortgages (PDF 36KB) Opens in a new window

8 March 2012
Coventry launches a market leading easy access Online Saver account (PDF 54KB) Opens in a new window

1 March 2012
2011 year end financial results announced (PDF 88KB) Opens in a new window

3 January 2012
Coventry Building Society starts the New Year with great new mortgage deals (PDF 66KB) Opens in a new window

2 December 2011
Coventry Building Society is named Best Building Society (PDF 107KB) Opens in a new window

4 November 2011
Coventry launch Poppy Bond (8) (PDF 59KB) Opens in a new window

5 August 2011
2011 interim financial results announced (PDF 54KB) Opens in a new window

29 July 2011
Coventry increases rate on Poppy Online Saver account to a new market leading 3.15% AER (PDF 89KB) Opens in a new window

26 July 2011
Coventry Building Society launches new fixed rate deals with no early repayment charges (ERCs) starting from as low as 2.99% (PDF 50KB) Opens in a new window

24 June 2011
Coventry launches market leading online savings account with added Poppy Appeal (PDF 236KB) Opens in a new window

3 June 2011
Back by popular demand - Coventry launches new issue of online savings account (PDF 222KB) Opens in a new window

17 May 2011
Switch to fix? Switch to anything at Coventry Building Society (PDF 48KB) Opens in a new window

1 April 2011
Coventry launches fantastic new range of best buy ISA's (PDF 66KB) Opens in a new window

31 March 2011
Coventry Building Society statement on Northern Rock (PDF 37KB) Opens in a new window

1 March 2011
2010 year end financial results announced (PDF 74KB) Opens in a new window

15 February 2011
Coventry Building Society is named Best Overall Savings Provider (PDF 114KB) Opens in a new window

7 September 2010
No linked products - Coventry Intermediaries launches a new pledge (PDF 66KB) Opens in a new window

31 August 2010
Godiva strengthens its position in the prime residential market (PDF 58KB) Opens in a new window

18 August 2010
Coventry Building Society announces record results (PDF 71KB) Opens in a new window

12 April 2010
Coventry Building Society Joins Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (PDF 46KB) Opens in a new window

2 March 2010
Society announces record-breaking results (PDF 60KB) Opens in a new window

Genuinely different

At Coventry Building Society we like to think our approach is different. As a building society, we're owned by our customers - our savers and borrowers.

To us, you're much more than a savings or borrowing customer - you're a member. We're owned by our members which means our business is your business. We put you first in everything we do.

That means that we make decisions with the interests of our customers in mind because we don't have to answer to shareholders.

It means we offer simple, easy-to-understand savings and mortgage products, with no catches or hidden conditions.

We run the Society as efficiently as possible and are very careful about how we spend our members' money.

Being genuinely different means we listen carefully to our customers. And we act on what you tell us.

We might not always get it right all of the time. But should things go wrong, we'll listen and work hard to put it right. It's just another example of the genuinely different approach we offer.

Of course, it's one thing to say we're genuinely different. But what does it mean in reality? Here's the Genuinely Different Newsletter (PDF 1.3MB) Opens in a new window we sent to members before our 2013 AGM, which shows what we've delivered to members.

Our members' principles

Our principles are fundamental to the way your society is run; they are the golden rules we live by to support you and your local communities.

We promise more than customer service; we promise member service

Not only are you a member, you're also our number one priority. We believe you deserve the highest level of service at all times, from our branches to our Customer Service Centre or here when you visit us online. After all, it's your business too.

We guarantee a fair deal for our members

To us, as a mutual society, your interests are paramount and are at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide you with excellent value, clear and honest deals and we guarantee service you can rely on.

We listen to our members and act on what they say

You have a voice and we're here to listen (or give you every opportunity to be heard). Whether it's through our surveys, at one of our regular member roadshows, at the members' council or simply when you visit us in branch, your opinion counts. We value your feedback - we're always interested to hear your thoughts and how we can improve your experience with us.

We treat members equally

We pride ourselves on treating our members equally. Some organisations offer special mortgage or savings deals for new business that their existing customers aren't allowed to take. We don't do that. As an existing customer, you can access the same great products as new customers on exactly the same terms.

As a member, you share our success through great value products - whether you're a saver, a borrower, or both. So, whether you have £100 or £100,000 with us, you'll enjoy the same great service.

We support our members' communities

We care about our members and believe we have a responsibility to support your local communities. So whether that's volunteering to support local organisations, fundraising for good causes or simply reducing our environmental impact - we're committed to making a difference to you.

Listening to Members

We think it's very important to listen to what our members have to say. Even more important, where we can, we'll act on what you tell us.

There are a number of ways in which we listen to members.

Members' Council

The Members' Council

Our Members' Council is made up of 12 regular members who work closely with us, giving their time to offer us an independent and critical review of our performance.

They offer us special insight into the way we do things, helping us improve customer service and develop new products. Recently, they've helped us redesign our savings applications process, suggested ideas for new mortgage products and helped choose our corporate charity.

Members usually sit on the Council for two years, meeting every three months or so. If you're interested in joining and taking a deeper interest in how things are done here, please get in touch.

Members Roadshows

Our Roadshows give us the opportunity to visit you and meet our members. You also have the chance to meet our managers and directors face-to-face, ask questions and receive honest answers in an informal setting. If you'd like to attend our next Roadshow, please get in touch - we look forward to seeing you there.

Roadshows to date:

Thousands of members have had the opportunity to come to our Roadshows over the last few years. Here's where we've been since 2007:

Birmingham, Leamington Spa, Merry Hill, Hinckley, Bristol and Coventry.

Map of roadshow locations since 2007

Customer Surveys

Every day we ask our members about the service they receive. Whether you use the branch network or call our Customer Service Centre in Coventry, we want to know what you think. And you can be sure that we'll be interested in your answer.

In addition, throughout the year we run a number of customer surveys on a range of topics. Do we make it easy for you to open an account? What do borrowers think about the annual statement information we send to them? How did we manage your maturing bond? If you have to make a complaint, how do we treat you?

We're always interested in making it easier for our members, so we look very closely at the answers members provide.


Of course we try to keep all of our members happy, all of the time - but sometimes, we get things wrong. All complaints are a matter of concern to us, even when they represent a small percentage of our total membership. That's why we work hard to resolve any member's complaint at the point of contact.

Complaints report

Every six months, we publish our complaints report which details the number of complaints we have had during that period.

Read our latest complaints report

Making a complaint

If you're not totally happy with any part of our service please let us know so we can put it right as quickly as possible

Find out more about our complaints process here

AGM 2014 results

We would like to thank all our members who participated in the 2014 Annual General Meeting vote, and for the overwhelming support you have given to the Board's recommendations. This year 134,176 members voted, which represents 14.04% of our eligible membership.

The table below shows the votes cast by proxy and at the meeting. All of the resolutions and elections were passed, receiving substantially more than the 50% endorsement required from members voting.

To ensure fairness and accuracy, the AGM vote was independently scrutinised by Electoral Reform Services, part of the Electoral Reform Society.

The results of the resolutions proposed at our recent Annual General Meeting are shown below:

    For Against Withheld % in favour
Ordinary resolutions
Directors' Report, Annual Accounts and Annual Business Statement, for the year ended 31 December 2013 132,121 1,128 927 99.2
Directors' Remuneration Report for the year ended 31 December 2013 120,606 11,092 2,476 91.6
Reappointment of Ernst & Young LLP as Auditors 129,228 3,565 1,380 97.3
Election of directors
Janet Ashdown 127,750 4,240 2,183 96.8
Peter Ayliffe 128,249 3,810 2,115 97.1
Feike Brouwers 128,112 4,001 2,060 97.0
Ian Geden 128,014 4,265 1,897 96.8
John Lowe 128,466 3,905 1,803 97.1
Glyn Smith 127,966 4,166 2,041 96.9

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