Making a difference towards climate action

In December 2021, we were thrilled to be externally recognised by the UN Global Compact as a company who is going above and beyond to make a difference towards climate action. 


The UN Global Compact’s aim is to mobilise a global movement of sustainable companies and stakeholders to create the world we want. 


Throughout the year, we significantly improved our approach towards tackling climate change and met targets to be Carbon Neutral for Scope 1 and we claim Net Zero merits for Scope 2 emissions by the end of 2021. This means that any carbon emissions from sources owned or controlled by us are balanced with at least the same amount being removed and we purchase 100% renewable energy.


Looking further into the future we will look to further reduce our emissions by tackling our Scope 3 operational emissions through:


  • working with suppliers to eliminate the emissions in the products and services we buy
  • reducing the waste we generate and the emissions arising from their disposal
  • encouraging colleagues to commute to our premises using low carbon means of transport
  • making sure our colleagues’ pension investments are ethical and consistent with the climate agenda.


Our ambition is to be entirely Net Zero by 2040, but there is much work to do to achieve this goal, in particular working with the Government and utility providers to enable home owners to make their properties more energy efficient. We’re committed to providing our members with products to help them make this transition as well as offering resources which help our customers make decisions on what energy efficiency options make most sense for them.

UN Global Compact Network UK recognition