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Coventry intermediaries logo0800 121 7788 Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm. Closed on bank holidays.

"It's my job to make everything run smoothly – to answer questions about policy and help intermediaries submit their applications to us."

"I get involved at the outset – when an intermediary has an application they want to discuss, they'll call me to make sure it fits with our policy. Certain things they tell me may trigger more questions and we need to make sure we don't miss anything - it's in no one's interests to get a decline so we try to iron out any potential issues at the outset.

As a team, we know how important intermediaries are to the business and we're keen and focused on making the process easy for them. We're committed to answering the phones quickly and supporting intermediaries through the application process. Our recent introduction of procuration fees on BTL product transfers was in direct response to feedback, so there's real two-way communication.

We have a fantastic depth of knowledge about our products and policy, and giving our advice and guidance at an early stage really helps our intermediaries. We'll look at all the circumstances relating to an application to make sure it goes through smoothly - but when things are slightly more complex, we can put it to New Lending for consideration as long as there's a strong business case."

"I get a lot of satisfaction from helping intermediaries with their applications. What might seem like an issue at the initial stage can often be resolved with good communication."

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