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Application amendments

We may email you during an application if we need you to make an amendment to a case in progress. You’ll simply need to follow the instructions in the email to ensure your case is progressed as quickly as possible.

If you need to make any amendments to an application you can do so quickly and easily by following the processes below.

Amendments via email

Case amendments detailed below can be sent by email to documents@thecoventry.co.uk using our send secure service. For more information on how to use this service visit our send secure page.

To help us process your amendment you must ensure:

Amendments accepted by email

Amendment type Example
Loan requirements

Term, product, mortgage amount, purchase price

Fee arrangements

Addition or deduction of fees to the loan such as

  • Product fees
  • Valuation fees
  • Funds transfer fees
Applicant details (minor)

Any minor change to an applicant's details that does not result in

  • a different record being returned on a credit search
  • a different affordability result being returned

Minor changes would include small spelling errors e.g. Philip to Phillip, or an incorrect telephone number.

Valuation details
  • Changing mortgage valuation to Home Buyer’s survey or vice versa
  • Contact detail change for valuer gaining access (name, address, phone number)
Legal representative details
  • Name, company name, address

Amendments via a form

Case amendments detailed below must be sent to us via an application amendment form. Completed forms should be returned by email to documents@thecoventry.co.uk

Please note: emails must be sent using our send secure service ensuring maximum security of your clients’ personal details. For more information on how to use this service visit send secure.

  • Change of property
  • Destination of funds
  • Change of repayment vehicle

If you are unsure which category your amendment applies to please call us free on 0800 121 7788

Amendments requiring a new application

Major changes to a case require you to submit a new application, examples of these are;

  • significant change to applicant name e.g. Smith to Jones or Pearce to Pierce
  • adding or removing applicant(s)
  • changing the applicant’s date of birth
  • updating the type of borrowing, e.g. change from Residential to Buy to Let/First time buyer to Remortgage

Please note: Submitting a new application will automatically trigger new affordability and credit checks against your client(s). Please ensure you have their permission to proceed.

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