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Meet the people who bring our pledges to life

Open and honest – it's not just what we say, it's who we are
It's 10 years since we introduced our pledges, our promises to intermediaries – and they're as important today as they were in 2007. One of our four pledges is a commitment to being open and honest about our service levels.

That's easy to say, but how do we do it?
We publish our service levels online daily so you can check our offer turnaround time, referred AIP and document processing timescales, and our average call waiting time on the previous working day. Our valuations are instructed on day one.

And being open and honest plays a big part in how we work with you.
From the BDMs out on the road visiting intermediaries, and the TBDMs and advisors supporting you on the phone, to our underwriters who deal with hundreds of queries every day, we listen, we communicate and we help with your applications. Importantly, we judge each case on its own merits.

Time to take a closer look at the people who bring our pledges to life.

Brian Lewis Intermediary Development Advisor

Brian Lewis is an Intermediary Development Advisor. If you want to submit an application to us and you have a question, you’ll probably speak to Brian or one of his colleagues first.

"It's my job to make everything run smoothly – to answer questions about policy and help intermediaries submit their applications to us."

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Stacey Wood Business Development Manager

Stacey Wood is one of our Business Development Managers. We have 16 BDMs out on the road visiting intermediaries every day.

"I don't sell - I build relationships. And that's much more important than trying to achieve sales figures"

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John Coles Level 4 Underwriter

John Coles is a Level 4 Underwriter. If a case needs reviewing, John and the Underwriting teams will look at it.

"I get great satisfaction from my job – I'm providing a clear, efficient service to intermediaries and I'm helping people buy their homes."

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Mark Wheatley Telephone Business Development Manager

Mark Wheatley is a Telephone Business Development Manager. If you're on his panel of intermediaries, you can pick up the phone to him whenever you need to.

"TBDMs build connections. We're the personal link between the intermediary and the business"

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