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Highest customer satisfaction

We have the highest customer satisfaction of any UK bank or building society

Source: YouGov BrandIndex

The research is based on 1,856 customers from a Cards, Loans and Building Societies study and 1,453 customers from a High Street Banks and Savings study with a nationally representative 18+ adult profile. It excludes brands with fewer than 100 responses.

The YouGov BrandIndex Customer Satisfaction ‘opinion only’ measures perception for the 52 weeks to 26 October 2016. 'Opinion only' compares the number of satisfied versus dissatisfied former and current customers.

YouGov - Highest Customer Satisfaction Bank or Building Society

What's YouGov?

YouGov is a world-leading online market research company, measuring public opinion and consumer behaviour. 

It's driven by one simple idea: that the more people participate in the decisions made by the institutions that serve them, the better those decisions will be.


What's BrandIndex?

YouGov's BrandIndex measures brand perception across multiple sectors. It gives us a daily snapshot of what our members think about us – and shows us how we compare to other building societies and where we need to improve.

BrandIndex rates a number of areas including:

  • Quality
  • Value
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Brand awareness

Sign up and have your say

Anyone can join the YouGov panel. Visit their website to sign up and share your opinions in return for points and rewards.