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An extra layer of protection

Rapport doesn't replace your anti-virus software and firewall – it works alongside them as an extra layer of protection:

  • Protects details you type in and send us
  • Checks you're using a genuine website
  • Prevents malicious software altering transaction details
  • Creates a 'secure tunnel' so even if your machine is infected with a virus, your connection to us is protected

It's quick and easy to install, compatible with all other major security software, and won't slow down your computer. 

When you've installed Rapport, you'll be protected every time you log into Online Services or use any other website that supports Rapport.

Remember to protect all your devices

If you access Online Services from different devices, you'll need to install Rapport on each device.

Download Rapport

To watch a demo or if you have any questions or problems with Rapport, go to the Trusteer website