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Complaining about your PPI

If you wish to complain about your PPI policy because you believe it was mis-sold or because commissions were not disclosed, you have until 29 August 2019 to make your complaint. 

If you haven't complained about your PPI policy before

We’ll assess your complaint to see whether the policy was mis-sold.  We'll also consider whether the complaint is affected by the high commissions rules, even if you don't mention this in your complaint.

Visit our I'm still unsure about PPI - what should I do? page for details of how to make your complaint.

If you’ve already complained about being mis-sold PPI

If you’ve already complained and we did not agree that your policy was mis-sold, we’ll be writing to you if your policy is impacted by the high commissions rules. You don’t therefore need to make a new complaint as we’ll be looking into this for you to see if you are due any money back.

We’re aiming to do this by the end of November 2017 but if you don’t hear from us, you can still write to us - we’ll look at whether your policy is affected by the rules and write to you to let you know.