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Online Services FAQs

If you've got a question why not see if we've already answered it. If not then please give us a call on 0800 121 8899.

Compromised security

If you think you may have been a victim of fraud or that someone else has access to any of your security details, call us immediately 0800 121 8899.

Why can't I see all my accounts online?

There are some accounts that we are unable to show you online, for example accounts that you manage in someone else's name, or charity accounts.

Can I add another user to my Online Services?

No, your online access is unique and should not be shared with anyone else even if they are a joint account holder. If you know someone else who would like to register to use Online Services, provided they know their Coventry account number and password they can register for online access straightaway.

How do I send or read a secure message?

Login to Online Services and go to the 'Contact Us' section to see any new message from us, or to send us a message.

What is the minimum amount I can withdraw online?

The minimum amount per transaction online is £1.00.

What is the maximum amount I can withdraw online?

The limit that applies to withdrawals you arrange online to another Coventry account that is not in your name is £5,000 per transaction. Higher limits may apply to other types of withdrawal.

We may change the limits that apply or introduce additional limits at any time without notice, for example if we suspect the service may be being abused.

For further advice or to arrange a payment outside the limits please call us on 0800 121 8899. We may ask you for further authorisation in these instances.

Can I cancel or amend a payment online?

You can cancel or amend a payment if it has not yet been processed, for example, if you have asked for it to go on a date in the future. To cancel a payment that you have set-up please login and go to Pending payments.

Can I close my account online?

Depending on the type of account you have, you may be able to close your account online. Simply log in to Online Services and select the account you want to close. If your account cannot be closed, you'll see a message confirming this.

Which browser should I use?

Provided your browser supports Java (or active scripting) and cookies you should be able to use Online Services. Both Java and cookies are standard with the most popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

You can find out more about your browser by clicking your browser Help option which is usually displayed in the bar at the top of your screen.

Browsers are constantly being updated and improved and software companies periodically issue updates (or patches) to their current versions. It is important, not only from a security point of view, but also to make using the web more enjoyable, that you install any updates to your browser recommended by the supplier.

To find out if you will be able to use Online Services with your browser please click on the browser check.

Browser check

We'd also recommend that you download the free security software from the financial experts at Trusteer. This software provides additional security to help protect you against online fraud and identity theft.

This protection is in addition to your anti-virus software and firewall, it doesn't replace them, but works alongside them to provide an additional layer of protection.

Do I need antivirus software and firewalls?

It is absolutely essential that you protect your PC with suitable antivirus software and a firewall as both of these will help to prevent unauthorised access to your PC and the information on it. Please read through our Security section for help and advice about protecting your PC.

How do I change the display size of my screen?

If you would like to increase the display size of our website for example to make the text larger please visit your browser Help option which is usually displayed in the bar at the top of your screen.

Alternatively clicking F11 on most standard keyboards will have the same effect.

What are my security details?

Your security details are made up of a Web ID and Grid Card that we post to you and a password that you choose.

You'll need your security details every time you login to Online Services. You will also need your password and Grid Card, along with your telephone PIN when you telephone us about your accounts.

How do I find my Web ID?

You can retrieve your Web ID online provided that you have your other security details to hand.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

If you've forgotten your password you'll need to set up a new one. If you have already set up security questions and have registered an email address with us, you can reset your password online, by selecting 'Reset password'. Alternatively, you can choose to reset your password via post.

You will not be able to use Online Services or arrange withdrawals from your accounts by telephone until your new password has been set up.

Once your new password has been set up (usually within four days if returning the form to us by post) you will be able to login to Online Services and arrange to make withdrawals from your account by telephone.

How do I use my Grid Card?

You will need your Grid Card to log in to Online Services. You will also need your Grid Card when you telephone us to make a withdrawal from your account(s).

If you have lost your Grid Card and need a replacement you can order a new Grid Card online. You will not be able to login to Online Services, or arrange withdrawals from your accounts by telephone, until you have received your replacement Grid Card. Your password will remain unchanged.

My login image and last login date are wrong?

Whenever you login to Online Services you'll always see your last login date and time together with the image you have chosen. If you think any of this information is incorrect please let us know immediately. Do not enter your password or any other information.

What is "time out"?

If, once you've entered any of your security details, we can't see any activity after 10 minutes we will assume that you've left your computer unattended. To make sure that no one else uses your information we will 'time you out' which means we will temporarily stop your access. If this happens on three consecutive occasions you may find that your access is blocked and you will need to order a new password.

Why is my access blocked?

We will block all access to your accounts online and you will not be able to arrange withdrawals from your accounts by telephone if you enter your security details incorrectly three consecutive times (including your personal details), or if you time-out.

If your access is blocked we will automatically post a form to you to enable you to set up a new password. Alternatively, if you have already set up security questions and have registered an email address with us, you can reset your password online, by selecting 'Reset password'.

Please hold on to your existing Grid Card as you can continue to use this once your new password has been set-up.

Why am I asked to allow pop-ups when I login?

We recommend that you enable pop-ups from, as you will find it easier to access some of the information available to you. We use pop-ups to take you to our application forms and calculators.

When you login we will check to see if you have pop-ups enabled on your browser and if not, show you a message telling you that you have blocked pop-ups. If you prefer not to enable pop-ups from us, you will still be able to use Online Services, but you won't be able to see some of the help sections that appear in a pop up window.

Can I log in using an account aggregation service?

We strongly recommend that you only ever access your Coventry account(s) by entering your security details directly onto our website.

If you do pass on your security details to an account aggregation or money manager service, you may be liable for any fraud or mistakes that happen on your account(s). You may also find that these services block your access to Online Services.

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