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Identification requirements

Why we ask you to provide identification

We require proof of your name and address before we can make a mortgage offer. This is to protect you against the risk of identity fraud and also allows the Society to comply with money laundering regulations. We need to see your identification (ID) before we can make you a mortgage offer.

More about the documents you need to provide

You need to provide two forms of ID for each applicant:

  • One item from group A, to confirm who you are
  • One item from group B, to confirm your name and address

ID can be used either to confirm who you are, or your name and address, not both. For example, you cannot use a driving licence to confirm who you are, as well as your name and address. Please refer to the table below for suitable identification.

When you should provide original documents or certified copies

  • Providing ID in a branch
    If you are applying for a mortgage at a branch then certified copies of ID will not be accepted. You must provide original documents to prove who you are and your name and address
  • Providing ID by post
    If you are applying for a mortgage over the phone or online and are posting your documents to us, please send certified copies, as the Society cannot be held responsible if originals are lost in the post. Failure to submit the correct certified ID will mean that your mortgage application will not be processed

Group A - to confirm who you are
Passport - current, valid and full Northern Ireland electoral identity card
Valid UK photocard driving licence (full or provisional) Full old style paper driving licence (UK) - current, signed
EEA photocard driving licence (must be current and valid) EEA member state identity card
Firearms certificate

Group B - to confirm your name and address
Full or provisional UK photocard or paper driving licence (must be current and valid) Council/local authority tax bill - less than 12 months old and valid for the current year
House insurance certificate Utility bills (i.e. gas, electricity, water) or cable/satelite/phone bill (excluding mobile phones) - less than 3 months old and not printed off the internet
Bank/building society investment related statement - less than 3 months old and not printed off the internet. Those issued by the Coventry are not acceptable Northern Ireland electoral identity card
Bank/building society mortgage statement - less than 3 months old and not printed off the internet. Those issued by the Coventry are not acceptable  

Certified copies of identification for new mortgage applications

Copies of your original documents should have been certified within the last 12 months using the following words - 'I confirm that I have seen the original document'. The certifier must sign their name and include the following details - full name, profession, business address (where applicable), phone number and date.

The person certifying should be in current employment, but we will also accept certification from a person who has retired (unless the list below specifically indicates that the person should still be serving), provided they still hold the qualification (and are a member of the relevant institute). The person certifying must not be related to you in any way e.g. spouse, partner, sibling, parent, child or in-law, and they must not be named as a joint account holder/borrower on your mortgage. You cannot certify your own identification.

Who can certify documents?

Copies of original documents can only be certified by one of the following:

  • Legal professional (Solicitor registered in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland, Barrister registered in England & Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland or Notary Public registered in any country)
  • Qualified Accountant (registered with either ICAEW, ICAS, CAI, ACCA, CIPFA or CIMA)
  • Public Sector Official (serving Officer of the Armed Services, serving Police Officer, teacher in current employment)
  • Medical professional (Doctor registered with the General Medical Council, Dentist registered with the relevant national professional body)
  • Post Office Official (Person authorised under the Post Office Document Certification Service)
  • Embassy Official (An Embassy, consulate or high commission officer in the country of issue of the relevant document)
  • Other (Local Government Councillor, Member of Parliament, Bank Manager, Building Society Manager or Minister of Religion)

If you have a non-UK passport, this must be certified by a UK bank or building society manager, solicitor or embassy official only.

Non-EU nationals must provide a passport with a valid Visa that shows indefinite leave to live and work in the UK.

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