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"I get great satisfaction from my job – I'm providing a clear, efficient service to intermediaries and I'm helping people buy their homes."

"As a lender, we're sensible – we don't take risks with our members' money. But there’s an element of common sense to what I do and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge. As an underwriter you get to see cases that are slightly more complex. We can take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding an application and if there's a really strong business case, we're able to apply a more human approach.

I never forget that the decisions we make and the way we do business affects intermediaries, their clients and the Society as a whole. That's a great responsibility, but ultimately it's satisfying to know that I've helped. Communication is vital – we keep intermediaries updated on outstanding applications, and we have quick turnaround times for referred AIPs.

The New Lending Support and New Lending Underwriting teams deal with a multitude of queries in connection with all aspects of mortgage applications. It only works because we pull together and support each other. We all have the same aim – to provide a professional, honest and efficient service."

"We can take a human approach but only if we keep communicating, talking and listening, being open and honest."

Meet the people who bring our pledges to life