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A self-employed lending policy that’s flexible and true to life

With more and more people choosing to work flexibly - we're here to support your self-employed clients.

We’re experienced in lending to directors of limited companies, sole traders and daily rate contractors, so we understand the challenges of being self-employed. It’s why we’ve developed a flexible and true to life approach to lending.

We also have a versatile range of products, some with no ERCs, and others designed to make the most of earnings that can fluctuate. Like our residential Interest-only range, which could work well for your self-employed clients who want their money to work harder.

* ONS and Labour Force Survey data

We’re a good choice for self-employed clients

Our policy

We ask for proof of income over two years, but only use the latest year’s figures to determine income (unless the two figures vary significantly).

For directors with 20% or more shares, we take share of net profit (after corporation tax) & salary rather than dividends into account – so your clients could borrow more.

And we have a policy specifically for daily rate contractors that calculates affordability based on your client’s day rate.

A flexible product range

Offset, Flexx for Term and our unique Flexx Fixed products offer self-employed clients added choice and flexibility – and some products have no ERCs.

Experience and knowledge

Lending to self-employed clients is an important part of our business. We understand the challenges they face and our underwriters look at each case individually.

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