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Frequently asked questions

We know you must have lots of questions, so we've listed the most commonly asked ones below. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us.

Creating cases

If a case is declined based on affordability, can this be appealed?

We are confident that the affordability decision is robust and accurate based on the information provided. If you have additional factors which you believe may materially impact affordability then please let us know from the outset so we may consider these.

How can I produce an Agreement in Principle (AIP)?

To produce an AIP you’ll need to log in to create your case using our online application system. Complete the questions on affordability to receive your Decision in Principle (DIP), and proceed to AIP and credit check via the next steps menu.

For more information on how to submit a case visit how to submit a case.

Can I amend an AIP?

Amendments can be made to accepted AIPs, however these amendments may affect the original decision. Amendments can’t be made to declined AIPs or referred AIPs.

How can I produce an illustration?

To produce an illustration for your clients you’ll need to log in and use our online application system to create your case. Complete the questions when prompted to assess affordability. Illustrations for existing customers are produced by us – please see our Existing borrowers - submitting a case page.

You’ll then receive an on-screen Decision in Principle (DIP) and you can then proceed to a credit check (AIP), illustration or full application. You’ll need to select a product before you can print an illustration.

For more information on how to submit a case visit how to submit a case.

Please be advised production of an illustration is not an indication that we would be willing to lend on the case.

Why have I been told to call you part way through the AIP?

If your client’s details don’t meet our lending policy, we’ll ask you to call us. We won’t carry out a full online credit score in this instance.

When should any fees be paid?

Any upfront fees applicable must be paid on application. Any additional fees may either be deducted from the funds on completion or added to the mortgage (interest will be charged from the day it is debited to your client's account). Our fee calculator within the application form will help you calculate the costs associated with the different options.

The applicant intends to clear their debt. How should I complete this?

This should be a true reflection of the applicant's credit data at the time of submission. We’ll ask whether these funds will be cleared or reduced before completion, and if so, what the remaining balance will be. We’ll base affordability on the amount of debt that will remain after completion.

Can I change the valuation type post submission?

We will only ask about the valuation prior to submission, after the AIP has been completed. This can't be amended post submission as the valuation will be instructed automatically. If you need to change the valuation type, the case will be cancelled and you will need to re-enter the case, starting from the beginning. However, if no other details have changed, you will be able to skip the AIP.

How can I print a copy of the application?

Log in and go to ‘manage cases’ to find the relevant case and select the ‘document store’ tab to view and print your application.

How can I arrange payment of mortgage fees?

When you submit the application form to us online we will ask you to enter the customer's debit or credit card details so that we can debit their account for the mortgage fees. If you are unable to do this when you submit the case, please call our New Lending Support Team on 0800 121 7788 (selecting option 1) to make the payment.

If I don't enter the first two characters of a postcode, will ONS data be used?

Entering the first two characters of a postcode is optional but it provides a more accurate affordability figure.

An applicant will always know the postcode for a remortgage. If they are looking to purchase a property they will generally know the area they’re looking at rather than the specific property postcode, which is why we only require the first two characters. If this field is left blank we will use average Office of National Statistics (ONS) data rather than local statistics.

How can I select a product?

You can select a product in one of two ways:

  1. Log in and select a product for your client using the relevant ‘create case’ button. We'll base our affordability decisions on this product and if your client is eligible, we'll select this product for the application on your behalf.
  2. Select your client's product within the online application form after you have received your Decision in Principle (DIP), and/or Agreement in Principle (AIP).

Please be advised that any application fee paid is non-refundable and if the credit check is not completed the fee still applies. The application will only be progressed, and the product will only be secured, after the fee (where applicable) has been paid.

How can I input joint dependant responsibility for joint applications?

Where both applicants are responsible for the same dependants, please only enter this information under Applicant 1. If applicants are responsible for different dependants, enter details for both applicants.


Does the affordability calculator match your underwriter's calculator?

Yes. The results that you see will be consistent with those used by our underwriters, providing the same data is used for the calculation.

Where can I find more information about affordability and income verification?

You can find further information about affordability and income verification by reading our lending policy pages.

How can I appeal my removal from the panel?

Any mortgage professional removed from the panel who wishes to appeal against this decision may do so; the Coventry for intermediaries operates an appeals process for this purpose. Any request for appeal should be sent by email to intermediaries@thecoventry.co.uk or posted to Intermediary Development Team, PO Box 139, Coventry CV1 5ZT.

How can I make a complaint?

If you are dissatisfied with our service, find out how you can make a complaint.

Case management

How can I send you supporting documents electronically?

You’ll need to use our document upload facility to do this.

How can I sign up for your send secure service?

Go to our sending documents and emails securely page for instructions.

How can I check the progress of my case?

Log in and go to ‘manage cases’ to find the relevant case and select the ‘case tracking’ tab to see the processing stage your case has reached. You’ll also be able to see what’s outstanding or awaiting a response from you or your client, for example if we’re waiting for proof of income or other documentation.

Why is my case not being processed?

If your case is not being processed, it’s likely that we’ve not received the application and/or valuation fees. Application and valuation fees, where applicable, must be paid on application, and are non-refundable. Until these fees are received the application will not be processed. This means the product is not reserved and a valuation will not be instructed.

We’ll automatically cancel any applications received without the relevant fees after ten days. Where this happens you will need to re-submit the application and select a new product if the previous one has closed. Any application and valuation fees that apply to the new product will need to be paid.

How can I amend case details after the application has been submitted?

Go to our application amendments page for instructions.

How can I amend a case that has already been offered?

If you would like to amend any details on a case that has been offered, please call the New Lending Support Team on 0800 121 7788 (selecting option 1) who will confirm your next steps.


I've forgotten my password, what do I do?

If you log in using a six digit introducer code go to the login page, click on 'reset your password' and follow the instructions.

If you log in using a four digit introducer code please contact the Intermediary Administration Team on 0800 121 7788 (selecting option 3) who will give you a new six-digit code and password.

Why have I been timed-out?

If we don't detect any activity on our website for 30 minutes after you've logged in, we will automatically time-out your access for security reasons. If this happens, you will be asked to log in again.

Why has my access been blocked and how do I unblock it?

If you enter your password incorrectly three consecutive times we will temporarily block your access to the secure area of the site.

If you log in using a six digit introducer code go to the login page, click on 'reset your password' and follow the instructions

If you log in using a four digit introducer code please contact the Intermediary Administration Team on 0800 121 7788 (selecting option 3) who will give you a new six-digit code and password.

Additional support for your clients

Additional support

We can all be affected by things that happen in our lives. Life events such as divorce or bereavement can significantly impact decision making. A wide range of reasons such as disability, a change in mental health or even financial circumstances can leave people feeling vulnerable or needing additional support.

It’s important to ensure that your client is given the right support at the right time and is treated fairly. If you recognise that your client could need additional support please contact us to see how we can help. Remember, you’ll need their consent to record sensitive information.

What support is available?

We understand that the needs of your client will depend on their individual circumstances, here are some of the ways in which we could help:

  • we'll give your client as much time or explanation as they need
  • we can send account literature in large print, Braille or audio CD
  • payment difficulties - there are ways we might be able to help
  • we can help register a power of attorney
  • notification of a bereavement.

How can I inform you?

You can speak to us at any stage of the application using the details below.

Call us on 0800 121 7788 - see our opening hours above.

Email us at intermediaries@thecoventry.co.uk

Additional advice and support

We’ll do what we can to support your clients. In some cases, there are other organisations that might be better placed to support, depending on each situation.

You can find a list of additional independent organisations for advice here.

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