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Submitting a case

1 Create a case

What you'll need

Use our online application form with helpful guidance notes

Please note: for guidance on submitting an existing borrower's case view how to submit a case – existing borrowers

2 Decision in Principle (DIP)

What you'll need

Complete questions against affordability and lending policy and receive a DIP

Information about your client's:

  • Mortgage requirements
  • Personal details
  • Employment and income
  • Expenditure

3 Credit check (recommended)

What you'll need

An optional step to ensure your client's credit rating meets policy and provides an Agreement in Principle (AIP)

Your client’s permission will be required as this may affect their credit rating.

Please note:

Any application fee paid (where applicable) is non-refundable and if the credit check is not completed the fee (where applicable) still applies. The application will only be progressed, and the product will only be secured, when the fee (where applicable) has been paid.

4 Mortgage illustration

What you'll need

Confirm product if not already chosen, and receive your mortgage illustration

  • To assign the loan amount to each product for applications with multiple products
  • Calculate the fees

5 Complete application

What you'll need

Provide final additional information

Additional client information including:

  • Employer details
  • Property details
  • Bank account details
  • Legal representative’s details

6 Submit case

What you'll need

Submit the case with or without card details

  • To check your application
  • To submit with or without card details

Please note:

You can submit your application without supplying card details, however, you will need to arrange for a separate payment of the mortgage fees (if applicable) at a later date.

The application will not be progressed and the rate will not be reserved until any outstanding fees (if applicable) are received.